9 Signs You Should Be Working For Yourself

More people than ever are shunning traditional employment in favor of working for themselves. Some people are working as freelancers, either using their skills in one particular area or making money from a variety of different streams. Others are starting businesses, either at home or out of other premises. The number of American’s working for themselves is expected to reach 42million in the coming months, and these people work in a vast range of different industries with some even going on to employ other people and earn a significant income.

Working for yourself, clearly, is no longer the impossible dream. It’s something that more of us than ever are trying, instead of feeling trapped in jobs that we don’t like. 

Are you one of the people that would love to work for yourself? Are you holding back from taking the risk? If you are tempted, here are just nine of the signs that you are ready to start working for yourself, away from traditional employment. 

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You Know That You Could Do It Better

How many times have you found yourself questioning your manager’s orders? Knowing that they are making mistakes and that you could do it better? How often do you think “if this was my business I’d…”?

Most of us have, at some point, found ourselves in a situation at work which we would handle differently if it was our business. You might even have had a manager that makes consistent mistakes that you know that you wouldn’t have made. 

But, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t learned from them. Seeing other people make mistakes is one of the best ways to start thinking about what you would do differently in your own business. 

If you are feeling as though you could make better decisions or knowing that you could do a better job with a similar business, why aren’t you doing it?

You Are Always Exploring Business Opportunities

A big sign that you should take the risk and start working for yourself is that you are always looking for ways to do so. Some people know exactly what they would do if they ever had the chance to go it alone. They’ve got a clear dream which they’d love to follow. They look for ways to follow their dream, different self-employment options that they may have, and ways that they could make money for themselves, doing the things that they love. Others have no idea of what they want to do, but they know that they would love to start a business. If this is you then might find yourself exploring Mosquito Franchise options, looking at how to make money as a freelancer, and writing lists of things that you think you could do. If you are actively exploring the possibilities, perhaps the time has come to go for it. 

You Are Organized

Being organized doesn’t mean that you have to work for yourself. Many employees find that their organizational skills help them both at work, and in day to day life. But, coupled with some of the other signs and organization becomes a big bonus. 

A lot of work goes into starting up on your own, and then once you get going, you’ll need to keep on top of admin, income and expenses, you’ll need to file tax returns, and manage your own time. Being organized can make it much easier and reduce your need for outside help. 

Your Job Can’t Meet Your Ambition

Sometimes, try as we might, we can only go so far in our careers. We can’t hit the top. Our managers are firmly settled, and there’s very little chance of us going any further in the foreseeable future. 

When your ambition outweighs your company’s prospects, you have two choices, move to another company, or create the job of your dreams. Start your own business, and you are already at the top, your dreams are the only limit to your ambition. 

You Feel Suffocated By the 9-5

9-5 isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got kids or other responsibilities, working 9-5 can be impossible. Even if you are free to work whenever you want, you might hate the 9-5. Working a traditional job, with conventional working hours, can be stifling. You might feel as though all you ever do is work, like you don’t have time for anything else and like life is passing you by while you are too busy working to enjoy it. 

If you are feeling like this, getting started with self-employment is a great way to give your working life more flexibility, and to create the perfect work-life balance

You’re Full of Good Ideas

Are you full of great ideas? Are you always thinking of things that you could sell or create, or new ways to make money? Do you doodle ideas, or find yourself daydreaming of all of the things that you could do. It might be time to try and turn those daydreams into a reality. 

You’ve Got a Side Hustle

It’s reported that around 1 in 3 employees also has a side hustle. More people than ever are trying to earn a little extra money outside of work. If you’ve got a side hustle, you enjoy it, and it’s making you extra cash, ask yourself if you could turn it into a full-time income. 

There’s a Hobby You Are Passionate About

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If you haven’t already got a side hustle, do you have a hobby that you feel passionate about? Something that you love doing, and wish you could make money from? In today’s world, it is easier to make money from your hobbies than it has ever been before, so why not give it a try?

You Like to Go Your Own Way

Are you someone that likes to go their own way? Someone that loves taking risks and doing their own thing? Do you hate being told what to do, or having to follow someone else’s rules? Self-employment could answer all of your problems. 

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