Eight Simple DIY Tasks Every Women Needs To Know

Whether you live alone, or just want to contribute more to maintaining your home, as a woman, it’s a good idea to know how to do some simple DIY tasks instead of having to phone you Dad for help every time something goes wrong at home. Buy yourself a tool kit and learn how to do these simple DIY tasks and home repairs. 

DIY Tasks Women

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If you’re going to avoid DIY disaster, make sure you know what you’re doing before you start. Ask someone to show you how or consider a class (many DIY stores offer these for free). If you’re not sure, or the task could be dangerous, like appliance repair, call in a professional.  These tasks are simple to learn, however. 

  1. Patch a hole in the wall. Have you slammed the door handle into the wall or taken a chunk of wall out when removing a nail? Patching a hole is a very simple repair that can be done in less than an hour. You should learn to do this properly to save your walls and keep your home looking nice. 
  2. Seal doors and windows. During the colder weather, drafts can get in, making your home colder and more expensive to heat. By sealing the gaps around your doors and windows, you can keep the drafts out and your heat in, for a warmer, more efficient house. 
  3. Fix the toilet. Plumbing can be complicated, but the toilet can be surprisingly easy to repair. Follow this guide to learn how to deal with problems from fixing a loose toilet seat to solving problems with the flush. 
  4. Take apart the sink p-trap. The p-trap is the main pipe that runs from the drain and curves in a way that resembles a P. This pipe can easily get clogged, but you don’t need a plumber to fix the issue if you learn how to handle it yourself. One way of avoiding the consequent costs of plumbing issues in Australia is by hiring emergency plumbers. Emergency plumbers offer to provide their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service comes in handy when you need a broken pipe repaired or a leak in your house fixed as soon as possible. Many people get frustrated and decide to just deal with the issue themselves, without realizing that this can lead to bigger problems that cost more money fix than if they had called for an emergency plumbers in Brisbane on the first place.
  5. Change a light fixture. We can all change a lightbulb, but knowing how to fix a whole light fitting isn’t as impossible as you might think. Make sure you learn to do this safely and always turn off the light before you start to avoid nasty electric shocks. 
  6. Replace a doorknob or lock. Removing a doorknob or lock can be essential sometimes, such as if one of the children has managed to lock themselves in the bathroom. If you can replace them, you can always swap them out for cosmetic or security reasons, for more secure, prettier options. 
  7. Repair a leaky tap. A dripping tap can be annoying and can end up costing you a lot of money on your water bill if it’s left to drip. Sometimes you can fix these drips yourself quite simply, without the cost of calling out a plumber. 
  8. Hang wallpaper. Wallpaper is becoming more popular in decor again, and it can be used to create beautiful feature walls. A lot of people are put off from attempting to use it though, as it can be fiddly to hang. If you learn to do it, you can open up much more decor items.  

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