Tips On Detailing Your Car

Everyone wants a clean, neatly detailed car. It is a display of your prowess as a car owner and your ability to keep a clean car. A lot of people spend hundreds of dollars on detailing their car by taking it to a detail car shop. However, you can detail your car yourself by following these suggestions.

detailing your car

Remove Old Smell

After a long period of time, cars have a tendency to not smell as good as they did when leaving the car dealership. This is especially true if you have kids who often will leave food in the car, eventually rotting and leaving behind a foul odor. Do you have pets? If so, they probably ride in the car with you and can also leave behind a bad smell. The key is to remove the smell with an industrial-grade odor remover. You will want to spray all fabrics, the headliner, seats, door panels, and carpet. Turn the fan to high and switch on the recirculate mode. Find the intake blower by using a tissue paper. Spray the smoke deodorizer into the intake. Leave the windows closed.

Get Rid of Scruff Marks and Scratches

Every car is the victim of the occasional door ding. Scratches can occur as a result of careless people parking too close or that grocery cart that wasn’t secured and went flying into your front bumper. To get maximum care, powerful ceramic coatings from nanoCare are required. This ensures your car is protected against UV rays, rain, and will help remove scratches and scuff marks.

Preventive Care

Little repairs along the way can save you mega dollars in the future. Preventive care is an excellent way to ensure your car lasts a long time without the constant need for repairs. A clean car is important, but a clean, functional car is even more desirable. What good is a clean, detailed car if it cannot be driven? To keep the exterior and interior of your vehicle in optimal working condition without any problems and looking impeccable do not hesitate to use a car covers to increase the life of your car.

Don’t Horde Stuff

Too many times you see people horde junk inside their car. Make a conscious effort to clean out anything in the car, even if it’s just a few pieces here and there. It’s all a matter of making sure the car feels clean on the inside, and keeping it neat and tidy will prevent odors and possible carpet stains.

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to seek out help when detailing your car either on the inside or outside. If you are a beginner, look for consulting on detailing on the web. There are many tutorial videos and sites that can help you with learning how to detail specific areas of your car. It’s important to get it right the first time so as to avoid having to cover up any mistakes which may cost you money in the future.

Shampoo the Carpet

Like carpeting in your house, car carpet harbors odors, stains, bacteria, and even insects, such as fleas. Shampooing the carpet is an excellent way to bring back the vibrant color and odor of the carpet. You can also use some shampoos on the fabric seats to push out odors from food.

Clean the Windows

Make them sparkle. Make them shine. Cleaning the windows with a window cleaner brings new life to your car. Remember to clean both sides of the window, not just the outside. To avoid streaks, you can use a squeegee. Cleaning windows is a good way to eliminate odors as well.

Don’t Forget the Trunk

We often forget the trunk is part of the car, and things get left behind we may forget. This includes food, smelly clothes, and other unpleasant things. Remember to keep a clean trunk and store the things you need such as emergency kits for the road. If possible, you can also shampoo the trunk. If you have “stow and go seating,” such as what is found in a mini-van, remember to keep these free of food and other items. 

Detailing your car is a fun way to get it clean. You love your car and your car will thank you for keeping it clean. Remember to keep up the preventive maintenance as well. A clean car is a happy car.

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