How You Could Have An Island Within Your Home

No home is a stranger to an island. The kitchen has had an island since time immemorial. However, the garden has no green thumb either. It has always had the possibility of having an island patio, which is separate from the house and can adorn its own unique style. This is something that you might be thinking about if you’re making preparations to create an outdoor area which you can use to relax as well as entertain. Inherently, this means you cannot design any run of the mill patio, you will need to create it as a special place that joins your home but doesn’t become engulfed by its presence. 


Choose the space

It’s completely dependent on your garden as to where the patio island should be. Regardless of where the final area is, it will have to be a decent walk away from the house. That’s the whole point of creating this type of outdoor space, to be away from the main structure. You must try not to choose an area which is in the middle of your garden. You may be tempted as it would create an even distance from different backroom exits, but this would shorten the walk and bring the patio island closer to the home. Therefore you need to pick one side of the garden and leave the other side the way it is, i.e. a lawn. You need to have some kind of natural green space to a company you’re island so it doesn’t feel like it’s part of the house. A Keystone Retaining Wall Installation can be used to divide your garden. However, the process can be tricky so you should really consider hiring a professional retaining wall contractor

Designing the Island

Have a plan of action in your mind so when you’re speaking with the professionals they will know what you’re after. Open up a browser and search for ‘Residential landscaping near me’. Pick a service that is known to create outdoor spaces in a style that clearly shows the contemporary methods in action. They will design the exit, pathway and the island itself from top to bottom. They will walk you through their design choices, at your house so you can imagine what space would look like up close. It’s important that the space is tranquil yet provides enough space for multiple people. It’s no good to have an island just two. Inevitably, they will consider what kind of awning if any will be needed and the size of the foundation.


Styling the patio island

If you style your patio as you have done your home, the entire purpose will be defeated. Get creative, it’s your chance to create your own little island of peace and harmony. Pick furniture which doesn’t resemble anything you have indoors. Choose plants that are tall and lavish. Choose materials that are utterly decadent such as velvet chairs, satin pillows, and a mahogany coffee table. You must have some kind of outdoor lighting. Pick LED flicker lamps to similar candlelights. Hang a windchime from the awning and hang artistic items from the supports.

Your own magical island in your garden can come to reality with the right kind of landscaping company. A patio island has to be a little walk away from the home, so you have privacy and a separate space from the main structure. 

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