Why Is My Gas Bill So High?

Not sure why your gas bill is so expensive? There could be many reasons as to why your rates are so high. Here are just some of the possible reasons and their solutions. 

gas bill high

It’s been a cold winter

The most obvious reason for a high gas bill is cold weather. If it’s been a colder winter than usual, it’s likely that there will have been more heating usage. If your heating is not working, then you may need to contact some heating services to get the needed repairs done. Additionally, if you have an oil tank in your yard that is causing the issues, then an oil tank removal service may be needed to replace your old one. 

Your habits/lifestyle have changed

It’s also possible that lifestyle changes or new habits may be causing you to use more gas, resulting in higher bills. If you’ve recently started working from home or you’ve recently had a baby, it’s possible that you may be reaching for the thermostat more often. You may also be using more gas if you’ve recently started taking more baths or longer showers or if you’ve recently got into baking.

There’s a problem with your heating

If you’re certain that you haven’t been using your heating more often, it’s possible that there could be a problem with your heating. If you’ve noticed strange boiler sounds or have been having to trouble with getting hot water, it’s possible that water heater repair may be needed. If you’ve noticed the smell of gas, you may even have a leak (a serious problem that may require emergency repairs!).  Don’t be afraid to call a gas plumber to take a look. Your gas provider may even be able to arrange an inspection to assess if there is a problem.

There’s a problem with your meter

It’s also possible that your meter may be faulty, resulting in an incorrect reading. This could be something to look into if there are no heating faults. If you need to get a new meter, you could consider upgrading to a smart meter, which could allow more accurate readings and cheaper bills.  

You’ve installed new gas appliances

It’s possible that you may have installed a new boiler or a new oven in the last few months. Such appliances should be more energy-efficient than your previous appliances, but there are cases where people may buy a less energy-efficient appliance (usually if you bought a replacement on the cheap). Consider whether it’s worth sticking with the appliance or replacing it.

Your home has poor insulation

If a home has poor insulation, heat will escape more easily and you’ll likely be using the heating more often. If the home has always had poor insulation, your bills will likely have always been high. However, sometimes roof damage or window damage may cause a spike in heating usage as heat will be escaping your home more rapidly. It could be worth investing in repairs or upgrading your home’s insulation by adding double-glazed windows or loft insulation.

Your provider has increased their rates

Another reason may be that your provider has simply increased your rates. This could be a change in rates across the board or you may have previously been on a discounted rate that only lasted for a limited period. Contact your energy supplier to find out if this is the case. Switching providers may be the solution (but be wary of exit fees).


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