Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your Home

Everybody likes a clean and tidy home, but the number of toxic chemicals and ingredients that are present in your regular cleaning products might concern you, especially if you are trying to lead a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. The good news is that according to Sunshine Coast house cleaner , there is a wider range than ever before of natural and green cleaning products that allow you to keep your home clean and sparkling in a non-toxic and safe way, If you need an extra hand, you may look for a house cleaning services company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products. You can browse this site to find one.

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Make Natural Cleaning Products

Did you know that some of the ingredients that you might find in your food cupboard will also make some excellent natural cleaning products? Olive oil, for example, can be a very natural product for polishing wood, while white vinegar has long been used as an effective product for loosening dirt and disinfecting surfaces. Baking soda can be used as a gentle abrasive to lift tough dirt off surfaces, and can be especially effective when it is mixed with an acidic ingredient like vinegar or lemon juice. 

Try Commercial Green Cleaning Products

Of course, not everybody has the time to make natural cleaning products using the ingredients in their food cupboard. The good news is that as the world takes steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly, you can find greener cleaning products and disinfectants available from companies like satelliteindustries.com, including disinfectants that can be used to protect your home against germs and viruses that do not use any harmful or toxic ingredients. 

Try More Natural Oven Cleaning Products

Oven cleaners can be some of the most toxic cleaning products – in fact, many come with a warning to wear gloves and a mask when you are using them. If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, the good news is that you can still make sure that it is squeaky clean without resorting to these toxic cleaning products. Some people have found that sprinkling baking soda on the oven, sprinkling some water over it, and leaving it overnight is a good way to get rid of built-up dirt and grime. Placing a layer of foil at the bottom of your oven will also make it easier to clean. 

Open Your Windows Instead of Using Air Fresheners

According to the NRDC, which tested fourteen different popular household air freshener products, many contain chemicals known as phthalates, which can disrupt human hormones. While we all like a home that smells clean and fresh, is it worth the cost to your health and the environment? Using natural products that will kill odors like baking soda and vinegar and opening your windows regularly will leave your house feeling and smelling fresh without having to spray toxic chemicals into the air. 

Natural Window Cleaning

Window cleaning products can come loaded with chemicals; however, did you know that you can get a great result from using vinegar and water or lemon juice and water? You can also use an old newspaper to wipe it off the window for a clean, streak-free finish. However, if you have windows that are hard to reach or they’re just too high up, you may need to find window cleaning services that use eco-friendly cleaning products to get the job done. Business owners may also need to hire a commercial window cleaning company once in a while to clean the windows of their buildings.

Keeping your living environment clean is important, but many popular cleaning products are filled with toxic ingredients and chemicals. Thankfully, there is a greener alternative for almost any cleaning product you might need. 

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