We have a family blog and it is one of my favorite places to keep up with friends and family, other than the typical social sites like facebook and the others.  Now blogs can be used for a ton of different purposes.  Some use them as I mentioned, for family updates and news.  It’s such a great way of expressing your thoughts, journal-ling, or showing updates on your family’s life…. Another way blogs are used is for businesses.  Let’s say you have a Real Estate business, you can blog about the weather in the area, the upcoming events in the area, some of your agents and their special qualities, your offices specific abilities and strong points, and the obvious, your Real Estate Listings.  If you had an outdoor blog, it could cover things like fishing and hunting reports, camping conditions, and the list goes on!  You could have a blog on restaurants, and which ones are your favorites.  You could have a traveling blog and talk about all the cool and exotic places you have been and what their point of interests may be.  You could have a blog on your special type of work, and maybe training and seminars that allow you to grow in your special field.  You could have a “how to make walking stick” blog, a “how to wear make-up and do your hair blog,” a child daycare activity blog.  You get the point the list goes on and on and on.  I could spend all day here explaining all the different types, but the main point is, they are fun, easy, some are free, and anyone can have one or a few and blog about anything!  If you would like to create your own blog for free, then visit either of these two sites,

www.wordpress.com or www.blogspot.com

NOW for the excitement…Our Feature Friday Fun Idea.  Once you’ve created your blog, it is fun to accessorize it and I love doing this with different blog backgrounds.  Today we are Featuring JEN HULET from BACKGROUNDS AND BEYOND! Some of my favorite Blog Backgrounds have come from her creative ideas and natural ability to accessorize!  She takes special orders or you can use one that she has already displayed.  Jen doesn’t just create her great designs, but she creates custom headers to go with your blog and then explains how to simply apply them to your blog.  So, CREATE A BLOG FOR YOURSELF, AND THEN GO TO BACKGROUNDS AND BEYOND and have a ton of fun beautifying your page!!  Here is one example!!  ENJOY~~Good Ideas

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