Great Gift Ideas for Her

Here are some great gift ideas for your special lady!!

Good IdeasGood IdeasJewelry is always a safe bet.  Almost every woman loves a little bit of pretty bling.  Now this comes in all forms, from what I have pictured here in a charm bracelet or a watch, to earings, necklaces, rings, and so much more.  There can be sentimental value with the gift as well.  Such as a mother’s ring, or 2 large diamonds set in stone for the 2 great years you’ve been together!!  Read More…


Good IdeasShoes are another favorite.  Most often a personal choice, but if you know your ladies style and shoe size, then shoes are such a great way to go and a terrific gift to receive!  Also, think of your upcoming trips and dresses she may be wearing and what shoes would go along with her apparel.  With this snowy season, BOOTS are such a love as well!

Good Ideas

With any great pair of shoes comes great clothing.  Again, a great gift if you know her style and size.  This gift can be a bit offensive if you purchase something that is the wrong size, because she may begin to wonder if you think she IS as big as a house, or become down when she can’t squeeze into it.  Be careful with this one!   Or maybe a Shopping Spree is exactly what she desires to renew her wardrobe!  So instead of making a sizing mistake, you may play it safe and let her do her own shopping!

Good IdeasGood IdeasA manicure or pedicure is such a great gift.  It’s the opportunity to be pampered, and what woman doesn’t completely enjoy this type of attention.  Also, along these same lines is the gift certificate to a “Day at the Spa” where she may receive the before mentioned, but also massages, facials, sauna time, and just all out relaxation!

Or Electronics can be a great gift.  Now they don’t all have to be pink, like this internet users, but a new cell phone, or camera, a Nintendo DS, a newGood Ideas Laptop, Ipod, or anything along these same lines.  If she is an exerciser, have a mobile music device is so great while working out.  And speaking of working out, how about new workout clothing, or shoes.   Gift buying is really all about thinking of your loved one and what their hobbies are, or what they really love!Good Ideas

And then, this obvious gift that everyone loves, a NEW CAR!   Guys and gals alike, would love such a gift, especially if it comes with a big red bow on it.   And It’s such a great time to take advantage of all the fantastic end-of-year sales.

Good IdeasGood IdeasMaybe she is a snowboarder or snow-skier and deserves some new gear, which includes clothing, snow boots, boards, skies, backpack, or even a season pass to the slopes!

Good IdeasA new handbag or purse is always a wonderful surprise to receive.  And there are so many great companies that produce gorgeous bags.   From small hand clutches to huge hobo bags, and even change purses.  There are so many variations out there and they are all loved and adored!

Good IdeasA lovely scarf is a great gift, especially if she lives where the weather gets nippy or she wears them for just sheer style.  I didn’t print a picture of this one but, maybe she is a lover of fragrance.   Most women have a few or maybe one special scent they really adore and enjoy wearing for everyday or special occasions.Good Ideas

And last but not least by any means, another great gift is a vacation.   Sometimes just getting away from everything is a really great gift.  This could be in the form of a cruise, an island get-a-way, a snowy mountain retreat, or a lovely bed and breakfast.  However, whatever gift you give her this year, give it from the heart and remember how very special she is to you!  Merry Christmas!

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