Phrase of the Day– I LOVE YOU

Good IdeasThe Phrase of the Day is “I Love You!”  This morning,  as I woke up to a stormy day to get my girls ready for school, I stopped by my laptop, opened it up, and there was this adorable little note that simply said, “Amy, I love you!” It was such a wonderful surprise and then as I went into my girls bathroom to get their hair done, there were three more little “I love you’s” written on the mirror to our daughters from their dad.  They were so excited!  Each one of us felt special and so very loved.  So, here’s an idea, I would encourage you to share some love today.  It could be written on a note, or spelled out with M&M’s or something creative and fun.  Just reach out, and let those you love, KNOW just how much you really love them!!

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