Good IdeasI know school is back in session soon, and for many of us, we are deeply engaged in finding a good school for our kids to go to. I was looking online for popular private school tulsa trying to find some suggestions, I’ve also asked around in conversation. I have a few potential candidates lined up, and soon we’ll have to go take a look and pick the best one. Once that’s done a big part of the budget will go with it. It’s time to look for  great deals on great gear for our little ones.  As parents we try to get the best education possible for our children of course, but in budgeting for it sometimes you have to find ways to cut corners elsewhere, so as to make sure they go to the best school you can grant them access to. I take my kids to a great private school, whose site is if you’re looking for a good recommendation. It is a great school, and my children are happy. Best of all, me trying to get good deal on clothes for them has not had any negative effects on them socializing or their education. Just like when choosing a school, you’ll want to be smart and informed about your decision, and tread carefully. Make sure you don’t overdo it. To that effect, I have two girls that will be going back to school this year, and I have found some excellent deals and wanted to share some good ideas and tips with you, on just where to find your own great deals.

Cheap School Clothes and Deals for Back to School

If your looking for some good deals on kids clothing for Back-to-School…sizes 5t-12, JC Penney has a good selection of items for $3.99 and up.  I bought my girls a bunch of long plaid shorts, with matching shirts.  Costing me a total of $8.00 for the whole outfit….which, in my book, is so great!!  If your child gets to wear a school uniform, JC Penney has them available as well.  There are (HUGE lots=many pieces)of clothes on Craigslist and E-bay where you can purchase 100 pieces of clothing, in your childs size for $200.  That’s $2.00 per clothing article, which is absolutely remarkable.  Keep in mind, these clothes may be new or used, so make sure you check the quality of the items prior to paying for them.  Also, consignment shops like “Once upon a Child” and others, will take your last year clothes (in good condition) and give you store credit to buy school clothes for this year.  They also take baby gear and toys in trade of store credit, which you can also use on clothing, or more gear.  I have lots of friends who are purchasing their childrens clothes at thrift stores and Good Will.  In fact, I just heard that Good Will has half off Saturdays, so all the $2 shirts are then $1.  You may think I am a cheapo when it comes to new school clothes, but why spend a ton when there are great deals out there??? Also, “The Children’s Place”  has really adorable jeans for $4.99, and school uniforms as well. Here’s a link to their coupon site.   I have recently been to “Burlington Coat Factory” this week, where we purchased my daughters new back-pack for $5.99, not to mention a ton of really cute clothing at great prices.  Then there is? “Ross” which I am generally pleased with and can get complete outfit sets (shirt/bottom) for less than $10.  If you live close to a “K-Mart,” they have slashed back their prices for “Back-to-School” and if your budget is tight, I believe they still have lay-a-way.  I could go on and on, and add more stores like Wal-Mart with their $3.00 shirts or .25 cent crayons, or Target and Kohl’s who are both having Back-to-School sales, but the main goal is to ****shop around*** and maybe jump on line checking out the {clearance section} of clothing websites before spending your pennies.   Now most of these stores have great deals on shoes and accessories as well.

ANYWAYS>>>>>>HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING and if you have any great deals, please share share share!!!  P.S. …Look Forward to my post on making hair bows that match your girls new clothes, coming soon.

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