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Fashion and Beauty Ideas

Fashion and beauty ideas from a stay at home mom and aspiring supermodel.

tanning booths

The Benefits of Tanning Booths

Lying on a sunny beach isn’t the only way to get a healthy glow. Although relaxing in the sun is enjoyable, sometimes …

How To Straighten Hair Naturally

So, I have tried a ton of things on Pinterest. Some have been absolutely amazing, and others….well, not so amazing. Having naturally …

Perfect Wintery Sunday

My Perfect Outfit for a Wintery Sunday

Oh my goodness, I know this site is dedicated to good ideas of all kinds, and I am sure that includes my personal ideas on fashion. Now if you know me at all, you know that I am NO fashion Diva, but I absolutely love to shop and I love clothes.

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How To Tie a Tie

Oh Wonderful Wednesday on Pinterest! I found this great tutorial on different ways to tie a tie! Just in time for Father’s …

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Baking Soda Uses

I just bought a huge….GI-normous bag of Baking soda and I am thrilled at all the possibilities. Marvin at LiveHackery.Com came up …

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About Discount Dental

With Insurance Co-Pays and the price of Dental visit’s on the rise, I thought it was appropriate to share this great Dental …

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Deal Sites That I Use

Kind of a funky name for a post, but it is just what it says, “Deal Sites That I Use.” There are …

Ultimate Link Party GUIDE

Are you a CRAFTER??? If you are, I have compiled a list of Link Parties, in no particular order, where you can …

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Salt Dough Creations

Who knew Salt Dough was so cool? I had no idea! I believe I remember doing something with it as a child, …

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Vitamins For Longer Hair

I love good hair. In fact, since I am currently expecting our baby, I am taking prenatal vitamins. And yes, my hair and nails do grow long while using them. However, I have recently found a new vitamin that helps promote hair growth.

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Christmas Fingernails

I love it when people become festive with their fingernails. I sometimes get adventurous with my toenails, (which BTW, my sis got …

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Power Strip Obsession

Yes it’s true, I have a power strip obsession. Most of the time it’s for all of our electronics behind the computer …

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Thanksgiving Nail Art

I love festive fingernails, and I was just over at REFINERY 29 and found these cute little turkey nails.There is a complete …

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Helpful Pie Dough Tips

With Thanksgiving around the corner and all the yummy pies, I thought I would share a few pie making tips from Spice …

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Halloween Nails

I love holidays and all the fun that comes along with them. Today I am sharing some super cool nail polish ideas …

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Hair Wraps

With 3 girls at our house and a lot of hair, I am always looking for fun and creative hair ideas to …

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So this week, I been up to sew good!! I had some great fabric from Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s Fabric, and I …

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Hair Accessories Tote

While I was still over visiting My Kotori Blog, Tonya had the greatest idea that had come to her from her sister…I …

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Freezer Paper T-Shirt Printing

I found the coolest tutorial and t-shirt printing idea. Over at Sir Bubbadoo, they have taken tonz of pictures and walked us …