The Benefits of Tanning Booths

tanning boothsLying on a sunny beach isn’t the only way to get a healthy glow. Although relaxing in the sun is enjoyable, sometimes there isn’t enough time to get a natural tan. This is why tanning salons are very popular. They offer tanning methods that are quick, safe and convenient.

What type of tanning methods do you prefer? Should you choose a tanning booth or a tanning bed? Traditionally, the tanning bed has been the top choice, but the tanning booth is growing in popularity. All in all, choosing a tanning booth instead of a tanning bed can be very beneficial.

Benefits of Tanning Booths

Additional Space

Tanning booths tend to have more room than tanning beds. You must lie down in a tanning bed and close the lid. Unfortunately, enclosed spaces make some people feel claustrophobic. This is one reason why tanning booths are chosen instead of tanning beds.


The spread of germs isn’t a major concern when using tanning booths. This is because only your feet touch the surface of a tanning booth. This is a huge plus for those who worry about the cleanliness of traditional tanning beds. Sweat, oils and odors are left behind by previous users. But this is not a problem when using tanning booths. Your body never comes into contact with these things.


There is more space for movement in a tanning booth. You’re standing instead of lying down, which means there’s a greater chance that you’ll tan evenly. It is easier to move around and get a beautiful tan. This is difficult to accomplish when you’re lying in an enclosed space. It is especially difficult if you are a sizable person with restricted movements.


Since tanning booths use bulbs with higher wattage, it takes less time to get a tan. It’s the same quality tan, but it doesn’t take as long to get. This is also beneficial because less time in a tanning booth means that your risk of being exposed to damaging light is also reduced. It takes about 30 minutes to get a tan in a tanning bed, but it only takes about 10 minutes in a tanning booth.

Some might complain about having to stand up during the tanning process. But you will discover that there are many benefits of using a tanning booth. It is a clean environment that provides a quick, safe and comfortable tan in a short amount of time.

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