One Pair of Earrings, Becomes Six

So, my daughter and I went to the store to find her some earrings.
And since all the bright, fluorescent colors are back in style,
we were looking for something to match those colors.
However, it didn’t happen.
We did find a pair of bright orange ones,
but holy moly…they were big enough to fit around my upper arm.
And as stylish as that may be, it’s just not in our book of cool!
Instead….drum roll please….dum, ditty, dum, tap, tap, taparoo…
EarringsWe found this pair, and decided we would turn them into something
And we did!!
We pulled out her new clothes, and our matching nail polish.
Believe it or not, nail polish is way more durable than most craft paints.
I also bought a few more fashion hooks for the other earrings.
And this is what we came up with…Six Pair of Earrings from OneAwesome huh!!
We made a pink, green, black, turquoise, white, and an orange striped pair!

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