How To Straighten Hair Naturally

So, I have tried a ton of things on Pinterest.
Some have been absolutely amazing, and others….well, not so amazing.
Having naturally curly hair, I am always looking for different ways to either
beef up my curl volume or tame it a bit.
I found this pin on Pinterest claiming to help straighten my curly locks…
This is the picture attached to the pin….gorgeous, straight hair.Straight HairSo the Pin claims that your hair will be this gorgeous by
spraying damp hair with a combined mixture of Brown Sugar and Water.
I thought that was BRILLIANT….
With this mixture, I could have my hair air dry, and it will be this beautiful when done.
Time to put this pin to the test!!
I quickly showered, towel dried my hair….and mixed up my solution.
Sprayed it all over my lovely locks, combed it through a few times…
and let it dry.
Did I mention my entire back and sides of my face were super sticky??
During the drying process I started to notice that my hair was stiffening,
even my little hairs next to my temples and near my neck line.
OUCHY oh OUCH….it was like little needles stabbing my hair line.
However, I was sure that this Pinterest Pin wasn’t going to let me down.
I continued to let it dry and thought
I could brush through my crispy hair when the process had fully finished.
Boy, was I ever wrong.
I am tender headed and this was so very painful on my scalp.
It was like I had actually crystallized my hair into a special candy…
a hard, sugary, HAIRY candy….yuck!!
Attempting to brush it just caused so much pain, and TANGLES…
oh the tangles.  It was seriously so bad.
I had to jump in the shower, re-wash and start over.
It occurs to me now (why it didn’t then, I’ll never know), but
I bake a lot, and I know exactly what sugar does in water.
I just wish some of those brain cells would have kicked in a little sooner.hairI am ABSOLUTELY SURE someone made that pin up to punish Pinterest lovers.
“Let’s just see who is gullible enough to try this one!”  said someone very evil!!

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