Christmas Fingernails

I love it when people become festive with their fingernails.
I sometimes get adventurous with my toenails,
(which BTW, my sis got me a pedicure for my birthday…best present ever!)
but I use my hands so much doing crafts and home remodeling,
having painted fingernails would be unrealistic for me.
I do, however, always have a lovely topcoat of clear on,
just to have that shiny and healthy look.
So…blah blah blah, onto the good stuff!
I am featuring a few of my favorite Christmas fingernails!

These first two come to us from Nails Done Right, by Linda Reyes.Good IdeasThese are cute candy cane stripes.Good IdeasA little Christmas Present on each fingernail would be festive!

These classy Christmas Poinsettias  come to us from Latest Fashion TrendsGood Ideas

Or you could have a chilly Christmas scene artistically painted on from Fashion FameGood Ideas

And sported these bling-a-licious Christmas nails.
Good Ideas

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