Salt Dough Creations

Who knew Salt Dough was so cool?
I had no idea!
I believe I remember doing something with
it as a child, but that could be a delusion as well.
In my searches, I have found some really neat
creations made from salt dough.

First up…Christmas OrnamentsGood IdeasThese were made by Janae Monir.
She has a great tutorial on making salt dough ornaments!

Next up….Hand prints.Good IdeasI love little keepsakes like hand-prints, because
our babes grow up so fast, and I like the memories
of how small their hands and feet once were.
I found these at “Homemade Grits” where
Leslie has a great tutorial as well.

How bout’ Salt Dough Bead Necklaces!
These come to us from “Red Ted Art.”Good IdeasAll 3 of our girls love making jewelry and beading
bracelets and necklaces.
But it is our 3 year old who would be perfectly content
all day if we allowed her to make jewelry.
I adore this concept of making our own beads with
the salt dough and then painting them.
It allows for longer time creating, and something completely unique!

And speaking of jewelry, I found these
super cute pieces on tumblr, through PinterestGood IdeasI love how cute they are and versatile.
They could be made into any shape.
I image these smaller circles with each of my
kids thumbprints pressed into them,
or maybe even their initials.

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
Cold water Mix until has consistency of play dough.
Bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and paint.

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