Egg Carton Bug

Summer can be a long boring process or it can be a parent’s opportunity to fill it full of fun, which is what we attempt to do with ours.  In fact, I am actually pretty sad the girls have to go back to school so soon.  I have had so much fun with them this summer, that it will be a bit lonely when they return to their school schedules.  I am sure Miss Macy and I will find plenty to do, but it really has been wonderful.  We enjoy crafts together, sewing, painting, jewelry making, trips to the park on cooler days, baking, late-night movies with popcorn or ice-cream, and tonz and tonz of swimming.  Here is a fun craft made out of an egg carton.  We take three small sections cut together, without separating them.  Paint each section, or even use markers and glitter (sometimes a little messy, but so shimmery, it’s hard to pass up).  Wiggly eye-balls, a little tulle or ribbon for the neck, and some pipe-cleaners for the antenna and legs.  Good Ideas Here is a picture of the back-side of our Egg Carton Butterfly.  You can see how the pipe-cleaners went through the back-side. So much fun!Good Ideas

I found these other little Egg Carton Bugs at TEACHING HEART. They have a long caterpillar, a bumble-bee, and some really cute spiders.  I can could even imagine an adorable lady bug made with one or two small sections painted red with black polka dots and black pipe-cleaner legs.  Anyways, it’s a simple, yet fun project!!  Have fun!!

Good Ideas

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