Yesterday I decided to have Facial Friday…which is a great idea for any mom who needs a little R&R (or for any mom who is feeling a little dull, wrinkly, zitty, yucky, saggy….and list goes on!)? I decided to apply the mud mask first…which is a really thick mask that you must wash off when finished…so here it is………all dry and crackly…Good IdeasWho know’s what the heck I am up to…It was just funny!Good IdeasAnd then, after washing all the mud mask off, I decided to do a cucumber, clear-peel mask. ? It not only smelled delicious but made my face very shiny and tight!!Good IdeasOkay, then the fun starts…peeling off? this type of mask is so RAD.? But,? if you get any into your eyebrows…it really hurts to peel that off…I guess I could have washed it out, but I am into that “self-inflicted” pain stuff.? {wink}? Only teasing, my face felt so amazing after-wards, but I started to peel it off right when my youngest daughter walked in.? She’s 2 and had just woken up from her nap, and came to see me.? Mother’s-instinct kicked in and I picked her up, However….I guess when mommy’s face is falling off, that’s not the time to have that special bonding moment!!? Check out the “LOOK OF TERROR” on her face…she is seriously freaked out!Good IdeasMy good idea of having FACIAL FRIDAY, was perfect for my skin, but not so perfect for post-nap time bonding!? I couldn’t even get her to assist me in peeling it off?? Wuz up wit dat?

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