Cool Magnets

I have not unpacked all of the boxes yet from our most recent move, so my magnets are still missing. 
However, I did know where my craft supplies and scrapbook embellishments were, and I had an IDEA!
{ It’s funny to me how I hold on to things forever thinking, “one day, I am going to use this or that on something spectacular.”  And, that one day for something spectacular doesn’t come, and it doesn’t come, and I end up holding onto things for too long.  On the other hand, I am really good at throwing things away, or donating them as well.  But I am also the master of re-using and recycling, so who knows how my brain actually works.}
Regardless, I needed magnets for the fridge, sooo…….

Good IdeasI took these scrapbook embellishments and…Good IdeasHot glued strip magnets on the back of each one, making these…..Good IdeasHow great huh??!!  They are cute but functional!!

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