Happy Valentines Day!

Good IdeasToday is such a fun day to celebrate LOVE!!  If we have someone special in our lives, our children, our parents, our friends, our neighbors, co-workers, and the list goes on…BASICALLY EVERYONE Deserves some Love!!
I think it’s always a fun idea to get your heart attacking gun out and go to work.  Unfortunately, I don’t own one of these cool guns or even know where I can find one, but I have some ideas that will make heart attacking fun on Valentines Day!

Heart Attacking=Putting Hearts All Over Something or Someone
(make it even more special, by writing messages on each heart!!)

*Heart Attack your sweethearts car(ps..this can be done by secret admirers…they will never know..unless you tell!)
*Heart Attack a door ( I am doing our entry way door for the kids when they come home from school)
*Heart Attack a bed (could be a roommates)
*Heart Attack your co-workers desk when they go to lunch.
*Heart Attack a bathroom mirror!
*Heart Attack the dinner table or hang hearts from the ceiling over the table.
*Heart Attack Yourself!
*Heart Attack the floor with a trail to some Valentine Fun/Gift!
*Make Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies and take them to EVERYONE you love!

WELL….you get the idea, just spread lots of love today……..I must go and get my heart attacking on!!Good Ideas

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