Modest Barbie -

Modest Barbie

Well, we have a basket of 20+ barbies and my girlies love to change their outfits.
However, we don’t always re-dress the barbies after we strip them of their outfits.
We take a dress, put it on another,
and….well we leave her naked (without clothing)
until next time we decide to re-dress her.
NOW here is the problem…
There are many moms who don’t appreciate the naked barbie body.
In fact, I have friends who will not let their kids play with OUR barbies,
just because they may end up naked.

(Because I believe all kids should have the opportunity to pretend
and play with dolls or whatever…even if they end up undressed.)
It would be nice if all barbies came with something like this,
a permanent body suit under their dresses.
It’s a painted Ballerina body suit.  HOWEVER, they don’t.Good IdeasSo, here is my solution….

Our Naked Barbie…Good Ideas…and with a little permanent marker,
she is now wearing a permanent body suit,
making her a little more modest, for those times
when her clothes may come off.The cool part is, you can design Barbie’s bodysuit any way you’d like.
I chose to do shorty-shorts with spaghetti straps
because we have a lot of dresses that are designed that way.
Maybe you’d rather do a cap-sleeve instead of the straps.
Or if you don’t have a problem…
then leave her naked, it really is up to you !Good IdeasIf you don’t have a permanent marker laying around,
maybe you have some nail-polish.
My only suggestion with nail-polish,
is to make sure it isn’t a really thick nail-polish,
or it will take forever, and be really clumpy.
(I had to learn this one the tough way!)
Using a newer, runnier nail-polish is better.
Also, remember to let her dry a little before sending her off to play!!Good IdeasMy girls picked out two different colors for this barbie.
We did a white top and red shorts, and we think she looks great!!!
The point is, when her dress comes off, she won’t be completely naked
and then my daughters friends will be able to play too!
(Remember, because their mom’s wouldn’t let them play with naked barbies…
that’s why we were looking for a solution in the first place.)
Great solution huh!!

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Author: Amy Allred is the Creator of She is an extremely eccentric person with a zeal for life. She is passionate about family, living in the moment and assisting others in being the absolute best they can be. Be sure to visit Amy on Google+ and everywhere else.

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72 Responses to “Modest Barbie”

  1. Fawn says:

    Ok Amy this is a totally fabulous idea! With all of my little boys running around, I am especially NOT a fan of naked barbie! I am putting this on my to-do list for TODAY!!

  2. Amy Allred says:

    Thanks Fawn, I completely agree with you! Boys and Naked Barbies can be bad news. Thanks for the support!

  3. Rachel says:

    I love this idea!

  4. Laura says:

    LOL this is adorable. To bad I don’t have a granddaughter with Barbies or I’d get to work making them underclothing.

  5. marianna says:

    How unhealthy is this? What is the problem with a doll having no clothes on? This is a doll only and has no particular features. The whole issue is ridiculous.

  6. Amy Allred says:

    Thanks Marianna for your feedback. However, there are individuals who have a problem with a naked barbie, and so my solution is for those who appreciate a modest Barbie. I do understand where you are coming from and appreciate your comment!

  7. katie says:

    Your Barbie in black looks like a dominatrix! I’d rather my kids see her naked!

  8. Laura Lee says:

    I rather like the glossy black PVC playsuit.

  9. Amy Allred says:

    To each their own. Thanks for the comment!

  10. Ashley says:

    Growing up with a realization about the human body is part of growing up. This is somewhat ridiculous. Barbie and “Naked” Barbie since 1959. If they could handle undressing Barbie in the 50’s people should definitely be able to handle it now. Geez!

  11. Lynn says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  12. Chelsea says:

    Yes, I am sure boys who see a naked barbie will definitely grow up to be a sex fiend. So dumb.

  13. Amy Allred says:

    Thanks for your input ladies. Like I said, I never would have done it, if it were for mom’s who had a problem with it. It’s a good solution for those who want to cover her up. But truthfully, I don’t know many boys who play with barbies…..

  14. Morgan says:

    Wow! Way to teach our children to be ashamed of nakedness! We were all born naked. It is perfectly healthy and natural. I feel sad for the children….

  15. janice a says:

    what a great way to teach sex respect. I admire you for looking to the details and making modesty a priority. YOU ARE GREAT!!

  16. Cordella says:

    Wow! If you don’t necessarily agree with what this “other mom’s” opinion is you really should have stood up for your own way of parenting. And taught your daughters that their bodies are beautiful , and not something that needs to be hidden in shame!

  17. Laura says:

    Is this not a joke then? I can’t figure out if it is a joke or not. If it is a joke you are a funny lady! If it isn’t a joke then.. No, I refuse to accept this as a possibility.
    Thank you for the chuckles this morning :)

  18. Anne says:

    Wow! The barbie debate continues on a whole new level … My son who is now 5 played with barbies when he was younger, they were left over from my youth that I didn’t have the heart to get rid of. He loved putting on and taking off the clothes, which I thought was great for developing fine motor skills, but ultimately they would be stripped and left naked. We were never ashamed of her or our own nakedness, but the lesson that I am teaching my children is about privacy and who is allowed to see your naked body (mom, the doctor, etc..). I think underclothes for barbie is appropriate only for the fact that barbie deserves PRIVACY.

  19. Shannon says:

    This infuriates me….

  20. Dara says:

    Does it seem like we are going backwards in time? What is the issue with a doll that had no real sexual features!? Why are we now so ashamed of our bodies that little girls can’t look at a naked Barbie doll. When do we give up our right to vote, or leave the kitchen to join the work force? Are we raising a generation of girls who will shudder whenever they look at themselves in the mirror? You just taught them it’s more important to keep people happy than stand up for what you think is right.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I think this is a great idea! I have small children and am struggling with how to teach them to respect their bodies and keep their privates private without making them feel ashamed of themselves. I think this is a good idea because it keeps Barbie’s ‘privates’ private without making an issue of anything else. I’m sorry other people are bothered by this idea, but personally, I think it is a great solution for some who might otherwise not allow Barbie’s in their households! Now, to get some matte polish and different colored sharpies for ‘poor Barbie who has no cute undies like my Mia!’ And to add flair, maybe add small disney princess stickers and seal them on with clear polish so Barbie’s undies match my daughter’s. ;)

  22. Emily says:

    I think this is a really cute idea. Personally I don’t have a problem with naked Barbies, I always had naked Barbies laying around the house as a child and my siblings and I all have a healthy respect for bodies and privacy. It’s a shame so many people are being negative – it’s obvious you are doing this for the sake of your daughter’s friend. I would do the same thing in your situation, so kudos to you for giving your daughter’s friend a way to enjoy playing with them! I think this could be a fun/creative activity to do with your child – like Jennifer said, even using stickers or glitter to make their underclothes more like their own.

  23. Sonya says:

    You do realize the Sharpie will rub off on sweaty hands, and if you have mouthy kids, on their mouths.

    Also, this is teaching that the body is a dirty thing that needs to be covered at all times, even when changing clothes. It’s ridiculous. I would never adjust my child’s toys to satisfy an extremely uptight friend.

  24. Sarah says:

    Maybe it is having four daughter but I could honestly care less if our Barbies are “naked.” But for some reason our two “naked” Kens kind of disturb me. I think they might be getting some sharpie shorts :)

  25. Carrie says:

    What a cool idea.I bet my 10 yr old dd would love this.

  26. Natasi says:

    Cute idea, but skip the black marker. The black makes Barbie look like she either has a PVC fetish or is a Dominatrix.

  27. Nancy says:

    Love it! Especially because my daughter lives in a house with brothers and their friends that visit.

  28. Kris says:

    This is totally absurd. I don’t understand people sometimes. There is nothing wrong with the naked body, and this just serves as a way of shaming little girls and making them feel uncomfortable about it as they grow up.

    It’s a cute idea but the reasoning behind the idea is saddening. I’m not saying we should promote nudity all over the place but I feel like this kind of thought sets us back as women.

  29. L. Ashford says:

    I like the idea, but my child was with me when I was scrolling through this and she saw the naked barbie. Try to be more careful with what you put on the internet! But really, thanks for the tip.

  30. spike says:

    Hey Amy – I think the critical posters are somewhat misdirecting their anger at you, when it really arises from their discomfort with the beliefs of your daughter’s friend’s mother… I don’t think we should be second-guessing you; It isn’t always ‘the right thing to do’ to enforce our beliefs on a guest, or her parents. And this seems like a marvelous opening for you and your daughter to talk about bodies, why we don’t normally go out in public without clothes, our ideas about men, women, boys and girls, how different families can have *very* different beliefs about what is proper behavior, where that comes from, and how we deal with it in a free society. Or you could just say “hey, I put undies on your Barbies so your friend can play with ’em. Cool, eh?” – not every conflict is a battle to be won, particularly when there are children on the battlefield.

  31. blackaeon says:

    [QUOTE=Nancy]Love it! Especially because my daughter lives in a house with brothers and their friends that visit.[/QUOTE]

    That’s fantastic! Now their impressionable young minds won’t be programmed to believe that women have no nipples or genitals when they’re nude, they’ll just believe that all women always wear clothes, even when they take their clothes off. I’m sure that won’t mess them up at all. This is as silly as putting pants on Donald Duck.

  32. Miss Franklin says:

    @L. Ashfod – PLEASE say you are kidding!? How dare someone post a naked Barbie on the internet? REALLY>?! Half the “undergarments” placed on the model Barbies were pretty sexy and or trashy. Why is everyone so freaking worried about a naked doll? She’s better naked than in the clothes she comes with, my daughter got a Barbie for x-mas that I HONESTLY thought was dressed as a prostitute. Why is it better for out little girls to see unreasonably shaped women dressed like street walkers and sluts than her naked body? Better yet, why is better for little boys to see that? What a great lesson; women should have their nipples and crotch covered at all times, but everything else is free game!

    Amy, thank you for being creative, but maybe don’t give in to peer pressure.

  33. MDP says:

    This entire issue, and people like your daughter’s friend’s parents and commenter L. Ashford are exactly why I don’t have kids. I’d prefer to keep my sanity, thanks. PS: I think Dominatrix Barbie rocks.

  34. Amanda says:

    What disturbs me at this point isn’t whether or not to put permanent undergarments on your barbies (to each his own) but the behavior of these adult women attacking another mother like this. I have seen more than one comment state that things like this are setting us women back… Really? Putting undergarments on a child’s toy is setting us back? Hahaha! How ridiculous! I imagine as Amy was putting nail polish on her daughter’s barbie she had no idea the detriment she was causing to women around the world! Shame on you ladies (although I hardly feel some of you have behaved like ladies.) There are so many mothers out there who mistreat, abuse and neglect their children… here you have a mother who has set out to follow her heart & moral compass to do what’s best for her child and you people tear her down for it. The only thing I see setting us back is a group of mothers who choose harsh words over something so petty, instead of supporting and commending a fellow mother for simply trying. Get over yourselves, grow up and try to be a better example for your own children than the way you have displayed yourselves here. Bullying isn’t a good look on anyone.

  35. M L Moss says:

    I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a joke at first!

    I think it is nice that you were considerate of your friend’s issues. We have become a society of selfish people who often do not show enough respect for what others think. That said, I personally would not have ruined all my kiddo’s Barbies. I wouldn’t want to send the message to my own daughter that there is something wrong with a naked Barbie or with their own body. I may “clothe” a few with nail polish, and put the others away when the playmates in question come over.

    That said, I really do not understand those that have an issue with a naked Barbie. She has no anatomy down there. At all. No molded anything. When young, my brother played Barbie with me (and had his own Ken doll, car, and horse), and my parents never gave a thought to undressing dolls. I think making an issue of something that really is nothing will cause more harm than good. But still, I would respect my friend’s feelings and simply explain to my child that everyone thinks differently and friend “a”‘s mommy doesn’t like to see naked Barbie. When asked why, I would be stuck with saying that I really don’t know. Because that is the honest truth.

  36. karren hubrich says:

    I think it is a great idea. You could even just paint on a bra and some cute panties. I like it…folks are making too much out of it. If you don’t like it, don’t do it! Let the rest of us have some fun making her modest. I think it’s all good. I am a grandma of 12, 8 of them girls.

  37. L says:

    I just had to click through from pinterest to see if this was real. Now that I saw it is, I can’t stop laughing – how ridiculous!!!

  38. Mj says:

    1) I think the idea of demanding modesty from anatomically lacking hunks of plastic puts MORE emphasis on sexuality than simply ignoring/pasdively acknowledging that “yep. Barrie’s naked. Just like you are when you change clothes.” If you’re that freaked by boob shapes, don’t let them play with “grown up” dolls.

    2) I work hard to raise my girls that we respect the rules of other families. Her friend has those slutty monster dolls she isn’t allowed to play with, but I don’t demand her friend’s mother redress them. If a friend’s mom says no naked babies, the guess what. Go play with ponies. We respect other people’s beliefs at our house, but never by compromising our own beliefs.

    3) I think this would be a HUGELY FUN fine motor craft for the kiddos to do with our (my) old barbies. Lots of possibilities, painting on tights, or gymnastics leotards, or fun swimsuits, just for the sake of creativity.

  39. Ann says:

    This is a great way to teach children shame, encourage a negative body image and create fear of the human form. These early lessons negatively influence a child’s future self image and intimate relationships. Heartbreaking.

  40. Rubi says:

    Amy, your parenting decisions are yours to make and nobody else’s to judge. I’m sorry so many people who don’t know you are rushing to pass judgement on you as a person.

    For what it’s worth, I think it was very kind of you to spend your time and energy doing something to make a friend feel more comfortable.

  41. Marla says:

    Oh please. Putting clothes on a barbie is not going to scar kids for life. Get a grip. There are plenty of dolls that have painted on clothes anyway, so why are you attacking her?

  42. sarah says:

    I would just like to say that modesty is not an issue of teaching that we should be ashamed of our bodies. On the other hand it’s to teach us to treasure and respect our body. I think this is a neat idea.

  43. haley says:

    Why is everyone being so uppity? Its not teaching children to be ashamed, if anything its teaching them that nakedness isnt a normalcy, which it isnt. Why does barbie get to run around naked, but not me?! And no one should be so proud of their body that nakedness in front of others is an option. No one should see you naked unless you love them. They shouldn’t be ashamed of nakedness but they need to respect themselves.

  44. Jessica says:

    Why be ashamed of our own anatomy and use Barbie as a teaching tool. People take these issues to extreme.

  45. Omelia Siemplos says:

    Are you serious? Is this a joke site? Barbie is now being attacked for looking like what we all look like with no clothes? You should be ashamed of yourself for pushing your bs agenda into the minds of children who are master’s of imagination exploration. Seriously? Is this site a joke?

  46. heidi says:

    I think it’s amazing that you’re teaching your daughter to respect her friends family and to compromise! Those are such important qualities for people to have in society. Some of these comments help me realize why we have so many bully children in the world.

  47. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Heidi. Really, I thought it was the perfect solution/compromise to the obstacle we were having.

  48. Amy Allred says:

    Omelia, nope, this is not a joke site. If you read the entire post, you would have read that I was looking for a compromise to a problem. We have a friends mom who doesn’t want her child playing with naked barbies, and so I came up with this solution, so the children could play barbies without compromising the feelings and/or beliefs of another. I am not ashamed of myself, or the naked body. I am not teaching my children that their bodies are things to be ashamed of, but I am, however, teaching my children that their bodies are sacred and do not need to be freely flaunted or portrayed as objects. You may disagree with the things I am teaching my children, and that is your right. Just as I have a right to disagree with you. I am so very blessed to have the children I do, and I will continue to raise them my way, in a world where we can honor one another’s values and beliefs without belittling one another.

  49. Amy Allred says:

    Jessica, I am not teaching my children to be ashamed of their anatomy. I am teaching them, that we can be modest in our dress.

  50. Amy Allred says:

    Haley, Thank you so much for seeing the bigger picture here. We truly were trying to find a good compromise/solution for the situation. I do, however, agree with you 100%.

  51. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Marla. I believe this was a very simple solution and/or compromise to our children and their playmates dilemma. In the end, everyone was happy with the resolve. My kids are not scared and respect their bodies, and Barbie’s too.

  52. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Karren. The girls really did have a lot of fun painting them with the nail polish. It’s also a great way to fix our barbies that came with painted on body suits already. When parts of their suits start to fade, we just touch them up with a little polish and they are as good as new! I’ve also heard from many grandmothers who have grandsons that want the barbies covered, and also like to paint on their action figures cool permanent accessories.

  53. Amy Allred says:

    M L Moss, This is exactly what we did. We painted a few for when our friends came over and the others we left how they were. I also grew up playing with barbies and my brother played with us using his GI Joes. We never thought anything of the naked barbies at the time (changing their clothes multiple times during a play session), and truly didn’t until our friends made mention of it. We wanted the children to be able to play with them and enjoy the same imaginative fun that we ourselves enjoyed and that comes with these dolls. I don’t believe I am teaching my kids that their bodies are anything to be ashamed of, in fact, we often speak about how blessed we are to have such beautiful bodies and how special they are. Not only because they can do so many amazing things, but also because we all look so different and unique.

  54. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Amanda. This was very well said and I appreciate your view. And truly, you are so right, I never imagined as I painted the barbies that there would be so much negativity surrounding the subject or towards me, as a mother. I was really just finding a solution to our situation at the time. Thank you again.

  55. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Miss Franklin. You know, I saw my daughters friend playing barbies with her and they were having a wonderful time. When the friends mom came over, she was very upset and said that her daughter could not play with them. To see the little girl so sad tugged at my heartstrings. I respect that mom, and I didn’t want to undermine her authority, but I wanted the girls to be able to play with one another. So, I came up with this solution thinking it would appease the mom, and still allow the girls to enjoy some imaginative fun. My daughters understand that they have been blessed with beautiful bodies that do amazing things, like walking, and running, dancing, and swimming. And that those same bodies have incredible capabilities to breath, to feel, to move, and a brain to think on it’s own. And those same bodies contain a mind that is free to think, a mind that can explore and create. But I have also taught my children that being modest and feeling that their self worth doesn’t stem from their body image. I believe they have a good grasp on things, and also understand that with friends and other people, that sometimes we can find a nice common ground or compromise that might suite everyone. Instead of seeing things one sided, maybe we could look at it from their point of view too. Now, if it were something that we were absolutely against, I would hope and pray that my children would stand up for their beliefs and not give into peer pressure.

  56. Amy Allred says:

    I agree Spike. Thank you

  57. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Nancy. It is a quick and easy solution.

  58. Amy Allred says:

    ok Thank you Natasi. I will keep that in mind next time.

  59. Amy Allred says:

    I let my children paint a few as well and they enjoyed the activity.

  60. Amy Allred says:

    Sorry Kris that this was such an upsetting post for you. I honestly was just looking for a simple solution to the situation at the time. It seemed so simple to paint on clothes to appease the request of another parent. I don’t believe my own girls feel ashamed about being Naked, but they do understand that being modest is important, and their self worth does not stem from their body parts being exposed. They do, however, understand that they were blessed with beautiful bodies and minds that can do amazing things.

  61. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Jennifer. I love the idea of stickers too

  62. Amy Allred says:

    Dara, I feel that I just taught them, that sometimes we can find a common ground or a solution to problems.

  63. Mel says:

    Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you should be incredibly proud of the way that you have dealt with the negativity from other people. I agree with Heidi – it definitely goes a long way to showing why there are so many children in the world who bully and belittle others for having different ideas. These learned behaviors often start in the home.

    For the record, I think that the compromise you came to shows that you are the bigger person. You’ve recognized that in life, not everybody has the same beliefs we do, and that to get along, everybody needs to compromise once in a while. I don’t think you are teaching your children to be ashamed of their bodies, rather that nakedness is a private thing; especially if this exercise was accompanied with a discussion about why you were painting the Barbies. I’m sure your children will grow up to be tolerant young women, with respect for others, while also having a strong image of who they are and what they stand for.

    Thank you for sharing your idea.

  64. carrie says:

    I don’t see why people are getting so offended with the idea of Barbie having painted-on underpants… Isn’t that sort of the same as people getting offended by her being “naked”? The whole argument itself is ridiculous (it’s not a real person, can we please move on?). But that aside, I think it’s creative and cute. I used to rip off Barbie’s clothes as a kid and have them all nude and now, it kinda bothers me when I see my daughter’s dolls this way. Not because of her body being exposed, just the fact that she can’t just keep the darn dresses on them, which results in them getting lost and never found, which results in a permanently nekkid doll. I guess it’s just irking the perfectionism in me. :p

  65. Amy Allred says:

    Carrie, I love that you’re a perfectionist! Thanks for sharing!

  66. Ellie says:

    Okay, if this is what you want to do with your time, I totally respect that. But what planet does someone have to be on to be offended by a genital-less plastic doll? I mean, if it had actual nipples and detailed genitalia I could understand. But it’s a plastic doll. You’re supposed to mess around with them, take their clothes off and make them have “sex” with each other in that crude childish way. It’s part of developing and understanding things.

    It’s quite worrying to see us regressing into such prudish and silly obsessions with “modesty” that even censor a child’s plastic toy.

    I find it even stranger than an adult can look at a plastic doll and see something sexual. Children don’t. Maybe we need to be more like them.

  67. Amy Allred says:

    Thank you Ellie for your response. Quiet honestly, it worries me to see a world where value is put on our bodies and images, and that our bodies are just viewed as objects to be used, instead of gifts from God that should be respected. My children and/or their friends never used the barbies in sexual ways and I hope they never do. I believe it’s a good thing that our children understand what modesty is. As I’ve stated before, this solution was a compromise so that our friends would be able to still play barbies with us, without upsetting the rules of their parents.

  68. Stephanie Nash says:

    I love this idea! I teach my children modesty, as part of our religious as well as personal values. I want my daughters to attract a husband when the time comes with her personality and wit, not her body. The same goes for my son, it’s not strictly a value we place on girls alone! I love the idea of teaching them this life lesson with Modest Barbie. She’s still beautiful without flaunting her body. People have different mindsets and values and just because someone doesn’t have the same ideas as you is no reason to verbally attack them! Plus I think the underclothes on the Barbies are just plain cute!

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