Our READERS are Crafting it up!!

{{This came in from one of our readers who has re-created bows from a post right here at Good Ideas and Tips}}

Good Ideas and TipsGood Ideas

Hi Amy,
I have been blessed with four beautiful girls, which all love to get dressed up and get their hair done.  They are always asking for hair accessories, after reading your three post on making hair bows I decided that I would let my 7, 5, and 3 year old girls try to make them.  I am not crafty and to tell you the honest truth they have more fashion sense than I do! So they chose the colors, beads or buttons, and how they wanted them to look.  They traced circles and cut them out.  I did the burning of the edges and putting the dab of glue but besides that they did the rest! They turned out super awesome and they want to wear them even more because they are proud of their work!  Thank you so much for  your blog and the time you take to share your amazing ideas!  Here are some pictures of the finished bows!Good IdeasGood Ideas

These turned out so great, and to think her daughters jumped in and crafted it up, that ROX!! I love to see re-creations or even new ideas, so anytime you wanna share, just give me a shout out and we will show your mad skills off!!!
Thanks Again!!

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