Valentine Date Ideas

Good IdeasOh love……………at its sweetest!!
With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some date ideas. 
ps….feel free to adjust them to your specific needs.
disclaimer: if any babies come in December due to the actions from these date ideas, it is not the responsibility of {giggle/laugh}

1. Dinner and a Movie (the obvious choice)….but you could switch it up a bit and have a meal pre-made, Drive-through, or even have your favorite restaurant prepare your meal –stop in and grab it on your way to the next stop.
The next stop could be in movie in one of these **13 ways or places.**  Could be a laptop or Ipad movie, or the drive in.  You could set the movie up to be at the beach, in the woods, on the trampoline, in a pool, or even have a bunch of couples over and watch a movie with a projector.  You get it, instead of being traditional with dinner at a restaurant, and a movie at the typical theater…switch it up a bit!!

2. Look-Out Point…Viewing the city or town you live in from a lookout point, exchanging gifts, dancing to music from the car/truck….haha, or even mini van, and then of course taking turns confessing your undying love for one another is another good idea.

3. Walk on the Beach, then lay out a blanket and gaze at the stars, while sharing chocolate dipped strawberries and the beverage of your choice.  If you choose to roll in the sand too with your lovely…well that’s up to you!!

4. Set Up Your Own Romantic Scene…this could be in your bedroom, or take over the whole house.  There could be flower petals from the front door to the bedroom, then to the filled bath with candles and petals…ohhlala!  Good Ideas 5.  Rent A Room…which goes right along with idea #4.  You don’t have to stay at your place.  Rent a room at a near by hotel or bed and breakfast and have a truly romantic night.  OR…plan a weekend away to a romantic destination.  You could play games in your room, like this adorable version of Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare.Good Ideas

6. Go Camping…If you have access to a tent or a camp trailer/RV, this could be really secluded and fun.  Now, it might be TOO COLD (just means more cuddling), or maybe your lovely doesn’t like camping.  BUT…if you read into this a bit, you aren’t really camping, in fact, you probably won’t come out of your tent or RV….and if weather doesn’t permit…it would really be fun to set up the RV as a romantic setting right where it currently sits.  BUT my fav…is to put the tent up in your living room, or basement, or quest room…and the two of you could have a pretend camp out.

7. Couples Game Night…This can be so fun.  There are so many fun games to play as couples, and there can even be romantic prizes to take home for the couples who win.   Or even come dressed up as characters and have a real life game of Clue!!

8. LOVE SONG Karaoke could be a blast.  Or even a big Valentines Party, if you like being social on Valentines.  Again, everyone could dress up as a famous couple or couple in history!  Then play FREEZE DANCE, which is basically, everyone dances while the music is playing, then when it stops…you FREEZE.  If you are caught moving, then you are out, and the game goes on until there is one person standing.  Super Fun.

9.  Ice Skating, or Snow Fun. Because it is pretty cold in most places during February, having fun in the cold may be the way to go.  {However, I think cuddling up to a fire place, sounds much nicer than freezing my bootie off}  You could go ice skating and then get a cup of joe or hot cocoa when finished.  Go NIGHT snow tubing, skiing, or snow boarding.  Many ski resorts and mountain towns have lighted areas, where this can be accomplished.  But it should always be followed up with something warm!!  MAYBE…finding a nice Hot TUB!!

10.  Singles Party, If you are single and have friends, or friends of friends…having a Singles Valentines Party could be a good way to pass the night away, instead of sitting at home alone.  This could include Spin the Bottle((however, when the bottle lands on you, it doesn’t have to be naughty-Could be stuff your face with food, or drink), Other Games, and even costumes.  You Understand….Just have fun!Good Ideas

11. Random Ideas… Go on a walk through a nice park, sit on a bench…kiss a little.  Go to the Zoo.  Go to a Museum.  Visit an Art Gallery, or even get a large piece of paper or canvas and create a piece of art together.

12. Go on A Bike Ride!Good Ideas13. Visit an Ice Cream Parlor or Old Fashioned Soda Bar.Good Ideas

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