Cute Toenails

Guess what??? It was so beautiful here today with plenty of sunshine, which means……flip flops.  And with flip flops, it’s a good idea to have cute toenails, in fact, they are a must.  I combed the web and found some really adorable nail designs/(some people call it ART) to share with you.  Now, there seemed to be many more finger nail designs/art than toenails, but I believe I found some of the best out there!!  Chek em’ out….Good IdeasThese came from
I like the yellow and turquoise together.Good IdeasThese ones didn’t have a link, but aren’t they stylish!
Black and White is always a classy choice!Good IdeasI couldn’t find a link for this one either, but it is super cute and creative.
I would say, “Don’t they look good enough to eat?, ” but I am not a foot person!!Good IdeasThese look very similar to the black and white ones from above,
very stylish!Good IdeasHotpink toenails with a little bling and zebra striping!!Good IdeasThese one are so cute with their little white polka dots.
These are my favorites to do for my girlies.Good IdeasThis is how Becky Rickard paints her toenails for Independence day.
Cute little flags.Good IdeasI LOVE these ladybug toenails by Natty MichelleGood IdeasThese plaid toenails are so Burberry Nova Check!
So adorable.Good IdeasIn the mood for Ying Yang??Good IdeasThese tan little toes are so cute with their flower stickers and flower toe ring.
But I think what I like the most about these toes, is that they are playing in the sand.

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