Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and everyday until then, I am here to fill your brain with fabulous ideas to honor and love your mother, OR to hint to your husband what a mother would really like!!  (hehe)

First Up This Week is Lisa Leonard

who creates some of the most amazing sentimental jewelry.
I think the reason why I am so in-love with her hand stamped jewelry is because
it means something personal to each person.
There is nothing closer to a mother’s heart, than her own little children,
and Lisa Leonard makes this jewelry with a mother’s heart in mind.
Hand stamping children’s names into metal, for their mom is a perfect gift!
Good IdeasEach piece has her child’s name.
Good IdeasThis has the children’s names around the one side of the heart!Good Ideas
Love it!  See more at Lisa Leonard Designs **HERE**

There is another company that does the something similar at a slightly less expensive price.
Here name is Lisa Nelson and here is a picture of some of her creations…Good IdeasSee more at Lisa Nelson
and one more thing, Lisa offers FREE shipping on all orders.
Anyways, Jewelry is always a wonderful idea for Mother’s Day,
Grandmothers would love these beautiful pieces of jewelry as well,
with all their little munchkin’s names on it!

(ps…I actually have one of these…the one to the far right, the long silver bar, and it has my husbands name on one side and my oldest daughter’s name on another side.  I hope to get my other two daughters on the remaining sides.  This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that Dave has ever purchased for me and that was because he had it custom designed by an East Coast Jeweler when he was in the military.  The amount of prep time, and design time that he had to put into this necklace was so intense, that it makes it so valuable to me.  This was also at a time, when this type of jewelry didn’t exist yet, so I felt really special to have such a unique piece with my loved ones names around my neck.)

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