Mod Podge Letters

Well, I love words, names, letters….anything I can read.Good IdeasI am not a huge reader, but I like a room that tells a story, and with words, the story is easier to read!!
I am also super in love with Mod Podge and what it can do with fabric and paper!
I used a little bit of scrap paper, some wood letters, and some Mod Podge and made these…Good IdeasI made one for each of my girls, by first painting the wood letters white (some are already done for you) and then, after each letter was finished drying, I placed a piece of patterned paper, face down, on a flat surface, and then the wood letter, face down, on top of that paper and traced the shape out precisely. I then cut all the letters out of paper, and next, I painted a layer of Mod Podge (comes in a small plastic bottle in most craft sections) over each wood letter, (one at a time) and then laid the paper letter, that matched the wood letter, on top of that. I smoothed out any bubbles, working from the middle and smoothing  towards the edges.  I let each letter dry, and then tied some ribbons around a few of the different letters and then hung them up.  Super cute and super easy.
I have done these before where I hung each letter with a ribbon, and that is a cute craft too!Good Ideas
And while I am on the subject of children’s names in their rooms, I found this one YEARS ago, and have been holding onto it, until the time when I could use it.  I can’t even remember where I got this, but I loved it so much and thought that if any of you are looking for a clever way of displaying your child’s name in their room, this is a great idea!Good IdeasIsn’t this the cutest name display you have seen!
I love it….ps…thank you to whoever did this years ago!

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