Chore Charts

I believe it is important for our kiddos to have responsibilities and to work.
It builds character and teaches them that they are not entitled to everything, but that they must do their part in the family unit.  We are all a team, and together we can achieve more than mom can on her own!!
Therefore, the Family Chore Chart is a good idea and comes into play!

Good IdeasI don’t know how well you can see this picture, but this is our old chore chart.
I made it out of a dry erase board and used a permanent marker.
Then as our girls did their chores, they would mark them off with an erasable marker.
I worked great, but then I had another daughter and so I needed a chart with room for 3 or more.Good IdeasI had a friend in Utah who gave me the vinyl to make this one.
I traded cookies for the metal, and used liquid nails to attach the metal to the wood.
Here is another picture.  However, with the reflection from the metal it is still hard to see.Good IdeasBut you will notice that to the right is an open space of metal.
At night, I put all the magnets in their places for the next day.
When the girls finish their chores for that day, they move the magnet over to the far right, and that lets me know they have finished.  Some people who have made a similar chart, make the magnet red on one side and green on the other.  Green is finished, Red is not.
Anyways, my girls love this new chart.
But when I got back to AZ, my sister wanted something similar, but not out of vinyl.
She said her girls would pick at it and it wouldn’t last long.
So we came up with this solution….Good IdeasWe used a dry erase board that was magnetic.
We also used a permanent marker to make the grid and write in all the chores or activities she wanted her girls to do.  The chart is split into two different sections.  Morning time chores, and Bed Time chores.
We hot glued the pretty hearts and flowers to the magnets and it was finished!Good IdeasThis is just another view of it, but the total cost was $0.97 for the marker.  $3.99 for the pretty gems.  $1.97 for the magnets, and $5.99 for the dry erase board.  So about $13.00 all together.

Now here are a few other completely adorable ones that I have found on the web.
First up is this adorable chore chart from “How Does She?com”Good IdeasThis is not a simple project, but it’s seriously so cute.
Alison has a complete tutorial and pattern on how to make it  ***HERE***

And over at “Pinkapple Boutique” I found these…Good IdeasShe charges $25 for an unfinished one and $35 for a finished sign.
You can visit her site ***HERE***

and over at WALL WORKS, they had this really cute and simple one…Good IdeasMy favorite part is that it says, “Whistle while you work” at the bottom.
I think that simple phrase keeps things fun and not so CHORE like!
You can get more info on this one ***HERE***

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