Christmas Cards

I know it seems a little early, but I love Christmas and it’s time to start thinking about our cards.
It happens to be one of our favorite parts of the holiday, receiving a card in the mail from someone(s) adorable!
And my friend, Whitney, over at “It’s Gravy Baby” turned me on to  this site called “tiny prints“!
First off, let me make this comment….I LOVE LOVE LOVE photo Christmas Cards, and if you have time and anything noteworthy to write about for your past year, a letter is always a pleasant addition to the photo!!
Hopefully, this will explain why everything is in photo form!!
Check out this cute idea…Good IdeasSuper cute right?!!
I am completely sold on the idea of turning our photo Christmas Card into an ornament!!
I think this idea is so brilliant, and I believe, from now on,
our little family will start turning everyone’s card into a Christmas Tree Ornament!
So here is a lot more of the same idea!!Good IdeasGood IdeasHow cool to do the 6 smaller photos!!Good IdeasGood IdeasGood IdeasGood IdeasI super dig the look of this card with the falling snow
and their shared love with the white lettering at the bottom.
It kinda reminds me of a snow globe!!Good IdeasAnyways, Tiny Prints has tonz and tonz of choices!!

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