Wrap the Mummy-Fun Halloween Game

Wrap the Mummy is a Fun Halloween Game!Good Ideas

This is such a fun Halloween Party Game.
We have played this a few times, and every time it’s such a blast,
and EVERYONE…kids and adults love it!
We paired off in groups of 2-3, but you can modify it however you wish.

What You Need–
toilet paper–1 roll per group
stop watch or (we used a halloween song and when it was over everyone had to stop wrapping!)
moderator-or panel of judges (to decide which mummy is the best!)

How to play-

Divide the participants into groups of 2-4. Have one member of the group volunteer to play the role of the mummy.  When the moderator says “go” or when the music starts to play, the other members of the mummy’s group quickly try to completely wrap the mummy with toilet paper. After 1 minute-or when the song stops, the moderator yells “stop”. Which ever group has wrapped their mummy the best with toilet paper wins the prize.

Good IdeasHere is one of our mummies…Good IdeasAnd here is another…note…they are both having tonz of fun!
It seriously is such a fun game!

This also works as a great baby shower game at  baby showers,
using toilet paper to fashion the best adult diaper on innocent shower guest!! While playing this you can add some spooky music or your Horror Vinyl Collections as your background music. Enjoy the spooky game!!!

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