Removing Permanent Marker is Tough but Doable!!

Oh, the love I have for permanent markers is immense.
At our house, we use them a lot.
Especially, for school projects and home-made cards!
However, there are those moments when these special kind of markers
get into the wrong, little hands.Good IdeasIn fact, I have a friend who’s son colored the entire kitchen,
walls, and cupboards with black permanent marker.
Instead of removing the marker, it seemed easier to just
paint the kitchen cupboards and walls.
What a shame to paint beautiful, custom built cabinetry, just to cover marker.

To help others with the same problem,
I searched the web and found a few ways to
remove permanent marker from different surfaces.

#1–Remove it from Wood Cupboards with Rubbing Alcohol

#2–Wood Floors–Rubbing Alcohol and Toothpaste

#3–Shiny Surfaces like Appliances–Vinegar, or Dry Erase Spray Cleaner
(If you get dry erase on clothes, the spray helps to remove it as well.)

#4–Skin–Whiting Toothpaste (maybe a few applications) or Tea Tree Oil,
another great one used by many is creamy sunscreen lotion.

#5–Walls–Mr. Clean Magic Eraser,
but…it sometimes takes paint off, if scrubbed too hard.
Also, try using hairspray, or toothpaste.

#6–Clothing–Hand Sanitizer will take it out.

#7–Carpet–Vinegar and Blotting…no rubbing.

Good Luck and Let me Know what works for you!!

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