Thrift Store Lamp FAILURE

I had mentioned to my mom that I was looking for a bedside lamp,
and she found me this cute little number.
Yes, it is MAUVE….(in other words, puke in my mouth!)
I don’t know who invented this color, but
I’m sure it was after a long night of the flu!!Mauve LampI decided to spray paint it black,
and then fix the lamp shade a bit.
I really like ruffles, vintage, and burlap, so
I created it.Lamp RedoI pretty much HATE it.
*I’m not even sure the Thrift Store would want it back!  Hehe*
This is a Craft Failure for sure!
It reminds me of a fluffy older woman with a bad sun hat on.
Lamp RevampI changed the lamp shade with a different lamp,
and it looks much better this way.
I also tried to put my oh-so-bad creation onto another lamp,
and it looks a little better on a base that is taller and skinnier!Lamp Shade RedoAnyways….

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