Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Good IdeasI found *this* last year from 517 Creations
and I fell in love with it.
Each of the kids are wearing a pair of their dads shoes.
Here is a cute poem to go with it…
“I love to wear my Daddy’s shoes,
though my feet are small,
when they are in my daddy’s shoes,
I feel 10ft tall.
Someday, I’ll grow to fill them,
I only hope to be,
as fine a man, and great a dad
as my Dad is to me!”

We recreated the idea, but put a super hero twist on it
and made him a super dad cape and created this…Good IdeasI love to stick with themes!
*Fishing Father’s Day includes gifts like a fishing hat, a new pole and rod,
some bait, maybe some goodies to eat while fishing, a tackle box.
*Grilling Father’s Day Theme could include, a new grill,
an man apron, new grill tools, and a package of steaks!
*Basketball Father’s Day Theme could include a new ball,
new shorts & basketball shoes, and tickets to a game!
*Golf Father’s Day Theme, includes new clubs, golf glove, tees,
and a gift certificate to play the game.

anyways….you get the idea….themes are fun for dads!!
If you are looking for some home-made or inexpensive gifts
check out this “creative Father’s Day gift” post!

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