Choosing the Right Curtains

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Choosing the right curtainsAccording to leading window replacement company, Window treatments for the home should always be chosen with a great deal of care. Curtains can enhance the ambiance of a room when they are selected carefully and in coordination with all the other furniture pieces and accessories in the room. They should not clash with the other colors, nor should they look out of place with the original theme of the room. There are many different materials, prints, colors and treatments available in the market; hence, it is essential to keep a few things in mind before the final decision is made.

Privacy and Decoration

Some curtains are needed to keep the privacy of the room intact, whereas others are there only for the sake of decoration and adding some aesthetic value. This is the first criterion while choosing the materials and colors for the room. In some rooms, only sheer drapes are sufficient to make the room great, and add elegance to it; whereas in others it is essential to find window treatments that maintain discretion and privacy.


In some rooms of the house, heavier drapes are needed in order to keep out the strong sunlight; whereas in other rooms, lighter materials need to be used so that the rooms do not look dark. This is one of the most important factors when choosing a window treatment. If the drapes are needed for a large door, then it is better to have lighter materials so that they can be moved easily. The amount of natural light in a room will also determine the choice of color and print. If you want to switch to LED industrial lighting, consider the output of the bulb’s lumen.

Length and Style

The latest fashion today is to install blinds on the windows. These fit the windows exactly and also look very neat and tidy. In smaller rooms, they make the room look larger, since they take up much less space, yet provide a look of elegance and the privacy that is needed. However, in more formal rooms, longer drapes are needed in order to add to the grace of the room. In bay windows and full length widows, a tieback should be used to make the drapes look attractive and regal. In modern rooms, the curtains should only extend up to the window sill, check out the catalog from fabric direct and get your now.

Color Coordination

The wide range of colors and designs available makes it easy to choose colors, which will synchronize well with the other colors in the room. If the main focal point of the room is a good carpet, then the colors of the drapes can be based upon the colors of the carpet. If the furnishings are in muted colors, then bright and vivid colors will work well. Window treatments should, as far as possible, not be the focal point of any room. However, choosing the right curtains can absolutely enhance the room if done the right way.

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