How To Quit Soda’s

Oh, I seriously have a L.O.V.E. for a good soda pop.
In parts of the country, it’s referred to as “soda.”
In some parts, it’s referred to as “pop.”
And then other’s like to call it by it’s complete name, “Soda Pop.”
(I think this one is so cute and vintage!!)Soda PopIn the past I have done amazing at quitting for years,
but just the smell of my favorite drink tempts me to give in!
And the truth is, I’m still trying to lose weight after having our baby,
and so I gave up soda’s again.
But in the last 30 days, I have had 3 soda’s.  Ugghhh.
I know they aren’t good for me and are chalk full of yucky things,
but I crave them….seriously, I do.
So, I found this cool little chart that explains why they are so bad!
Maybe if us, soda lovers, keep these images in our minds,
when we want to consume some yummy pop,
we will think again and change our actions!Quitting Soda

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