Ink Cartridge Refill Tips and Savings

Ink cartridge refillsOnce upon a time, we started a business. And with that business, we needed a printer, so we purchased an All-in-one from a well known computer company. The printer worked great for a few years, but when it came time to get ink cartridge refills, or to purchase new ones, it was a hassle.


Well, this particular company doesn’t have ink cartridges in my local area, so everything has to be ordered online. You can’t just run down to the local Walmart and pick one up. And at the rate our printer gets used, we were constantly running out of ink. We then had to wait a week for the new cartridges to arrive.

So, here are a few, basic, common sense ink cartridge tips:

  1. Purchase a printer that contains ink cartridges that can be replaced through a local store. You don’t want to have to order them online from the manufacturer. It’s more expensive and takes longer.
  2. Purchase a high capacity ink cartridge the next time you are up for a renewal. You’ll get more out of your cartridge and spend less in the long run.
  3. When printing in basic black and white, in your settings, lighten up your print a bit to save on ink. Your page will still come out readable and your cartridge will last a lot longer.
  4. If you already have a printer that requires you to order cartridges online, on your next order, order two. When the first one runs out of ink, order another as though you don’t already have a replacement for it. That way, you’ll always have one in reserve.
  5. Instead of purchased new cartridges all the time, you may want to look at getting them refilled. It could save a little money and allow you to recycle your old ink cartridges.

Oh, and just for fun, my last tip is to keep your children away from your printer!! They are the biggest ink consumers in our household and will burn through an ink cartridge quicker than anyone. Or maybe that’s just our kids!

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