Luxury Linens

Today, as I was surfing the web, and doing a little on-line shopping,
I came across an amazing little site with some really fancy schmancy stuff.
It’s called “Frette.”
I mean we are talking glamour and luxury!
Remember, a long time ago, there was a television series
called, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” with Robin Leach as the host?
It was a show that featured the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy people,
who were entertainers, athletes, and business big wigs.Rich and FamousWhat I loved about the show, was that we were able to view the inside of
their homes, boats, yachts, summer cottages, and even check out their smooth rides.
Each home was adorned with luxurious items, such as furniture, art work, and accessories.
But they did not stop there.  On no!
Every little detail was carefully thought out, and planned for.
All the way down to their bath robes, towels, and bed linens.
Each home looked as if it came straight from the movies, but that is where real people lived,
and those fancy beds, with those exquisite linens were where real people slept.Luxury LinensHere is one of those fancy schmancy beds I was speaking of!
This was found on
It’s their Hollywood Gray set.
They not only have bedding, but also pretty little pillows, throw blankets, towels,
soaps, bathroom bags, candles, and really gorgeous bath robes!
I am pretty sure that if I were to purchase this pink bath robe,
that I would feel and look like a million buckaroos!
Pink Robe

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