Ten Home Projects To Make Using Fabric

FabricVery often we think about fabric being just used in the home for curtains and blinds. However, fabrics like Synthetic Microfiber Velvet can be used to great effect to inspire unusual interior decor in your home. There are many ways to use fabric for clever home-making and interior design ideas. Here are ten ideas that will inspire you.

1.    Make Your Own Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds will really add a designer look and feel to your home, especially if you make them yourself so that they are tailor-made with a fabric of your choice. You can choose from many curtain and blind designs, including roman blinds, roller blinds, swagged curtains and pleated curtains that will suit your home perfectly. By using your own style and fabric choice, none of your friends and family will have the same window dressing as you.

2.    Upholster Old Furniture

Upholstered furniture looks amazing and you can turn old, tired furniture into vibrant, new pieces with just a touch of fabric. Old armchairs and tired sofas can look as good as new by changing the fabric and using a modern twist to bring your items of furniture up to date. Use bold fabrics on larger pieces of furniture so that they really stand out and look stunning. You can also easily transform old chairs and stools by swapping out the seat pads and customizing them using contrasting fabric to give them a real designer touch.

Upholstering furniture also costs a lot less than buying completely new pieces, and you are helping the environment by upcycling and updating the furniture that you already have.

If you don’t have upholstery skills, it is worth learning to do upholstery at an adult class as you will be able to use your newly acquired skills on a range of furniture projects.

3.    Upholster a Bed Headboard

Why not transform your bed and create a totally new headboard for it using fabric. You can choose from all kinds of fabrics to add the designer touch including luxurious velvet, chenille, wool, faux leather, faux suede or real leather and suede. By making a subtle change to your headboard, you will update and modernize your bed instantly which also saves the cost of buying a new bed.

4.    Design and Make Your Own Cushions

Creating soft furnishings such as cushions is a really easy way to refresh and brighten up your home, as well as making it comfortable. Scatter cushions can be made out of all types of fabric; you could use some coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles or a used and recycled old material by making a patchwork cushion so that you don’t have to pay for the fabric you use.

There are a range of cushions that you can make such as scatter cushions for your sofa and chairs, a floor cushion for lounging around and seat cushions to brighten up dining and sitting chairs. You can also make bright and fun bean bags for your kids’ bedrooms.  Mixing and matching fabrics for cushions are a great way to try out different fabrics you wouldn’t normally consider or use.

You can also use cushions on your bed to give it a designer look and finish. Make large, soft cushions or luxurious bolster cushions that you can place on your bed.

5.    Line Your Drawers with Fabric

Lining you drawers with fabric is a simple and effective idea. Very often we use paper drawer liners, however using fabrics to line your drawers is more practical as fabric will last longer and you can wash them. Choose bright and fun prints that will make you smile every time you open your drawers! It’s easy to do, just measure your drawers and cut the fabric to size.

6.     Make a Quilt    

Quilting is a traditional skill and has been used for centuries and is once again gaining popularity. It’s also popular now because it fits perfectly into the upcycling and recycling trend by using up old material. Making a quilt can be a lot of fun, and you can use up any old material that you have, you could even cut up old dresses and clothes that you have to make a quilt.

You make the quilt from squares of fabric, either with complete squares or three rectangular pieces of different fabric that make up one square. This will give you the uniquely quilted look. You can also buy pre-cut square material that is supplied in contrasting prints and colours according to the shade and colour you want. Buying fabric in this way will save you time gathering and cutting the fabric. You can use all types of fabric, and also clash prints, colours and designs, and by making your quilt it will be completely unique.

7.    Make Customized Table Linen

Sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating to find table dressings that are co-ordinated and exactly what you are looking for. You can make your own table cloth and matching serviettes, placemats and coasters entirely out of fabric that you choose. You can mix and match contrasting prints, plains and colours and also nobody else will have your table linen. For making coasters, you will need some quilting weight fabric that will give it a sturdy finish.

8.    Create Fabric Decorations

Fabric decorations are always popular and give a home an endearing hand-crafted look. You can make hanging hearts and motifs by using gorgeous coloured fabrics tied with ribbons for hanging. Make fabric paper chains using strips of fabric for decorating your home throughout the year, and use festive fabrics for Christmas. You can also use scented herbs such as lavender to fill your homemade decorations.

9.    Hang Fabrics on the Wall

We don’t really think of hanging fabrics on walls, unless it’s a tapestry or embroidered piece of work. You can hang fabrics on walls to add a greater effect and interest to a room. Pick out hanging pictures and paintings with fabric positioned behind the frame that contrasts with the picture.

You can also add fabric to the back of a shelving unit and shelves to add interest and brightness. If you have a collection of items, hang fabric at the back of your collection to make your collection stand out.  You can also add large ribbon bows to the back of mirrors so that the bow is just above the top of the mirror and the ribbons appear below the mirror.

10.  Make a Throw

Throws are useful all over your home and add a cozy feel and look. You can use them on beds and on sofas and chairs. It’s easy to make a throw from old material and clothing. You can make a throw using lot of different squares and rectangles of fabric, or make a throw out of a large sheet of fabric, perhaps recycling old curtains, table cloths or bed linen.

About the Author: Sonya writes for Fabric World who supply designer curtains in London and Surrey. They also offer interior design in Surrey and London areas.

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