Bombay Accents with Interior Design

Clocks at BombayCompany.comIn interior design and decor, accents are the accessory items that accentuate existing furniture, patterns, textures and color schemes. Bombay accents do a little more than boost the interior of a living or work space. Some of these items resemble antique relics that transport buyers and their guests to a different period in time.

The digital age, mobile phones and computerized gadgets have made the standard house clock almost a thing of the past. In many houses, it’s tough to find an analog clock with a rotating long and second hand. Bombay has plenty of offerings for those who still want the ticking of a traditional clock.

The brass-finished Soren table clock is made of aluminum and acrylic, and its face features Roman numerals instead of the Hindu-Arabic numbers that grace almost any U.S. document connected to money or math. The clock has quartz movement with a swept second hand.

Two interesting twists on the clock are the Winston train station clock, which is two-sided. The gold Parton clock is designed to be leaned against a wall or table to give a more artistic way to display time. Clocks like these can easily become a focal point for any room.

The accent pieces at Bombay do not fall short on helping people keep their memories. Picture frames range from crystal, to pearl, to dark copper or bronze. Sure, the picture within the frame is the most important part, but having a quality frame around it ads to its value.

Sometimes, the best way to create an atmosphere in a dining area is to display your favorite dinnerware. Those who love blue dinnerware will find many treasures at In serving bowls, dessert plates, and baking dishes, the Bombay dinnerware accents offer some exquisite patterns. Any of these items offer a way for buyers to host eating gatherings that are stunning.

A showstopper accent at the Bombay Company site is the decorative side character table. These charming pieces are cast in the likenesses of a butler, server, Buddha, elephant and monkey. The tables can be used to hold drinks, small foods, magazines and books or the family remote control.

There is a wide selection of accents to choose from at the Bombay site. The designs cater to classical and contemporary tastes alike.

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