What the Heck is a Bolster!

Wood Log BolstersThis just shows how oblivious I am to the world of interior design and decor, but I recently added a new word to my vocabulary. But, to be completely honest, I’m not quite sure I’ll ever use it. I’d much rather just say pillow, instead of using the word bolster. I guess it is easier to say “bolster” than it is to say, “long, thick pillow. It may just be used once or twice in my lifetime. Time will tell.

Anyway, we all know the typical look of one of those long circular looking pillows, I mean a bolsters. They’re usually solid colors with some sort of extremely uncomfortable trim. The kind that makes you not want to use the pillow at all, because when you try to lay on it, it feels like you’re going to have a permanent mark where the trim pieces touched your skin!

I’ve never been much of a bolster guy, until I saw bolsters used in a different way, a more creative and useful way. So check out these bolsters. If you’re the rustic type, or happen to own a cabin in the mountains, these are the perfect fit. Now, instead of a boring, long pillow with uncomfortable trimmings, you can have something that still doesn’t serve a purpose, but actually looks good.


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