DIY Projects on the Rise Among Homeowners

hot tubsDoing home improvement projects once required the assistance and talented hands of a professional contractor. Thanks to some manufacturers, homeowners can now find a variety of materials and supplies that let them create their own projects. Whether you have a few weeks off from work, or you just have a weekend with nothing on your schedule, you can still find some fun DIY projects that you can do at home. According to experts, the next few years will see a substantial increase in the number of DIY projects that homeowners do on their own. However, if you are not confident enough with DIY projects yet, you can always hire a handyman to help you out.

Function and Form

According to Smart Dry Restorations, one of the hottest trends right now mixes function and form. Instead of making a change that brings in style with no function or adding something that is more functional and less stylish, you can now combine the two. You can use an old picture frame and a new piece of art to create a fun hiding spot for your thermostat, or you can turn an old door and some new legs into a new bar or dining room table. There are even some DIY enthusiasts taking old glass jars and making those jars chandeliers and lighting fixtures. (Source: see more info about Smart Dry Restoration here)

Wall Changes

Painting the walls in your home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update the look of your house. Create an instant focal point with a bright color of paint added to one wall and a neutral color applied to the surrounding walls. You’ll also find textured, chalkboard and whiteboard paints that let you make a vivid impression in your home. If you want something a little more classic and elegant, try adding bead board and/or a chair rail to your kitchen, dining room or hallway.

You could seek the help of Kitchen Capital kitchen designer to give your kitchen a new look.

Outdoor Additions

Why stop at projects designed for the inside of your home? With exterior DIY projects, you can make your home the best looking one on the block. If you are planning to have pavers installation, use pavers made from brick, concrete or natural stone to create a walkway that leads from your front or back door to your garden or a new fire pit. Always make sure you use the correct tools such as Concrete wire mesh and concrete bags. You can also shop for hot tubs that you can install yourself. Adding a new tub or spa to your backyard lets you watch the sunset, the stars or your kids while feeling like you’re in the lap of luxury. It only takes a few hours to do a small DIY project that will have a big impact.

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