Bed Bugs, Everybody Run!!!

bed bug suit case linerWhenever I hear the words “bed” and “bugs” used in the same sentence, I almost immediately get the heebie-jeebies! Understand though that I’ve never actually seen a bed bug, had bed bugs or really known anyone with a bed bug infestation. But from what I’ve heard, they’re pretty nasty little buggers!

Naturally, when you hear of someone in your neighborhood having bed bugs, the solution is simple…..steer clear. Just don’t go over and start laying around in their house, or yet, even visit….at least until they get the problem taken care of ideally by bed bug control and bed bug extermination services.

But what happens if you have already visited, laid around on their couches or beds and already carried the problem back to your place? Then what?

There are actually some precautionary measures to be taken to help prevent the spread of bed bugs inside the walls of your own home and while on the road. So, in the case that you or one of your children are exposed to the bugs, the fight might lean in your favor.

Five Precautionary Measures to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs

  1. Luggage Liners – While on the road, you might find yourself shacked up in a questionable establishment. You know…the kind that makes you wonder whether they wash the linens or not. We’ve all been there. Just because bed bugs exist in the room doesn’t mean they have to find their way into your clothes. Luggage liners can help protect your wardrobe from infestation. A great example can be found at
  2. Mattress, Box Spring and Pillow Encasement – Not only can this be helpful in your own home, but on the road as well. If you do find yourself in a questionable situation and the mattress is calling your name, yet, you’re worried about bed bugs, break out with your mattress liner and cover it up. If you’re anything like me, you like to bring your own pillow with you while on the road. Something about sleeping on the same pillow hundreds of different people have drooled on just doesn’t sound very enticing. But, in the event you’re forced to use their pillows, rest worry free with a wrapped pillow. Keep the bugs at bay!

Now, there’s not reason to inherit a weird bed bug phobia here. You probably won’t ever have a problem. But the more you’re exposed to public sleeping situations, it’s sometimes better to be safe than sorry.

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