Carpet Cleaning Tips

mattress and carpet cleaning

Every once in a blue moon, your carpets will get nasty enough that you’ll need to get them cleaned with the help of a carpet cleaning service. When you can see a defined path that leads from your front door and ends where the kitchen tile begins, or your home starts to smell a little musty, you know it’s time for carpet cleaning.

Back in the glory days, my brother and I had one of those old carpet cleaning machines. We didn’t take it to Carpet Cleaning Loveland like we do now. It was basically a big box on wheels with a hose attached to it. The box had two tanks…one for the clean water and another for the dirty. I loved that thing and felt like shedding a few tears when my parents decided to sell it. There were no brushes on the end of the cleaning nozzle. Just hot water mixed with cleaning solution and the friction of the aluminum nozzle against the carpet.

A lot has happened since then in the world of carpet cleaning. The word “Green” has been introduced to the masses. The cleaning industry has completely adopted “green” cleaning solutions, such as Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn. So if you’re concerned about traditional cleaning compounds and are looking to keep your pets and kids away from harmful cleaning solutions, these kind of green companies do exist in your area.

Also, according to a house cleaning service in Boise, most professional carpet cleaning companies clean more than just carpets. They will also clean furniture and mattresses. Yes, they clean mattresses.

How many of us parents have had a kid in our beds and their diapers can’t quite hold all the goods. That leads to a nasty, stained and stinky mattress? What do we do? Wash the sheets and the blankets and just let the mattress air out? Scrub the mattress a bit with household cleaning supplies? Not gonna do it.

Get it cleaned!

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cleaning carpets (especially when you have them cleaned from Carpet Cleaning Fernandina Beach)…and mattresses, done the right way.

Just a few tips about carpet cleaning

If you find perchlorethylene and ammonium hydroxide or Aqua Ammonia in your solutions, steer clear. The former is a known carcinogen which can damage the liver, kidneys, and nervous system while the latter is a corrosive which can irritate eyes, skin, and respiratory passages, if you hire carpet cleaning services, make sure to ask if the solutions they use are free of these harmful chemicals.

Also, studies have shown that pollutants levels are probably twice as high indoors as they are outdoors. Even some of the best filtering vacuum cleaners can’t remove these pollutants. Given the fact that most people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, keeping those indoor levels down should be a priority.

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