The Ultimate Kitchen Cheat Sheet

I, like many other men in this world, like to eat food. The best food is usually cooked in a special way, which makes it taste the way it is supposed to. So, in order to eat the best food, one should most likely learn how to use the kitchen.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to ask Google about conversions between cups and quarts or teaspoons and milliliters. Having the basic knowledge of the time it takes to steam carrots, or asparagus, is something I don’t usually store in my head, but should, if I only had a brain!

So to make these sorts of things easier, I thought I’d share this cool infographic created by DecorPlanet. It’s a kitchen cheat sheet that contains a lot of great information, including a placement diagram for setting a formal table. Who knew there were so many different kinds of forks and spoons.

A fondue fork…..really?!

I personally like to cook a lot of fish, and currently my family shares the worlds best kept secret recipe for making the most divine fish tacos. Seriously, these things are the most delicious fish tacos you’ve ever had. And now that I’ve seen this infographic, I have evidence that cumin doesn’t belong in the recipe!

Anyway, print it, save it in your bookmarks on your tablet or phone’s browser for quick reference while in the kitchen doing what you do best. It might just make your meals taste just a bit better than before, and possibly save you some preparation time.

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

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Kitchen Cheat Sheet

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