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The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Recipe Ideas to share with the whole family.

Holiday Spiced Sugar Cookie Recipe

Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookie Recipe

If there’s anything in this world that I love cooking the most, you’d probably find cookies at the top of the list. But I don’t think it would be top of the list because I like cooking, but more so eating. I am literally the Cookie Monster in human form.

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Hard Boiling Eggs

Since many of us will be hard boiling eggs today for our Easter Egg Hunt, I thought I would make sure we …

Bird Nest Easter Treats

My super dooper, sweet neighbor delivered these cute, little, bird nest treats to our house the other day, and I just fell …

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No More Hard Brown Sugar

Our Reader, Somi Chuhon, just shared this little trick with us! “When brown sugar gets dry and hard to separate, put it in a air tight jar or container and put a piece of bread inside. I usually use the heel of the bread loaf since no one likes it. The brown sugar should be loosened to its original state within 24 hours. I just keep a piece of bread in the container all the time and replace it once in a while when the sugar starts to get hard again (about every few months). I have used this for years and years!”

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Super Bowl Food

I found a few more ideas for Super Bowl Food. They are so cute! But if you already have your plate full …

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Football Food for Game Day

Over at “20 Going on 80” I found this great post about Game Day Treats that feature a football theme. Perfect, and …


Avocados Avocados Avocados

Avocados from Mexico. You got it, We love them. We use avocados a lot, and they are only $0.50 a piece right now. Basically, 2 for $1.00! Guacamole is a favorite at our house and if you missed it, here is the recipe we use.

Ultimate Link Party GUIDE

Are you a CRAFTER??? If you are, I have compiled a list of Link Parties, in no particular order, where you can …

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Cooking Tip by Jen

We have a great tip that just came in by one Jen, one of our readers. She said, ” Use a potato …

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Helpful Pie Dough Tips

With Thanksgiving around the corner and all the yummy pies, I thought I would share a few pie making tips from Spice …

Halloween Treats

This week most of us are thinking of a treat we can share for Halloween. Especially, if we have little ones in …

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How to Clean Teflon

I really needed this one today!! Before Church, I put 4 chicken breast in my pot, on the stove, to boil. My …

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Homemade Window Cleaner

Have you ever ran out of window cleaner and really didn’t want to run to the store? You can always pull out …

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Draining Fried Food

Did I mention, that we have the greatest readers??!!! Well, we do! And Fran Walker is one of them. Here is her super clever idea that she has shared with us. Good Ideas “This is something I developed to keep potato pancakes, or anything you’re frying, from getting too greasy after you’re done frying the stuff.

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DIY Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

I found these delicious looking doughnuts on and I am going to make them today. I know my girlies will love …

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Fruit Salad Gift

I love the idea of a summer gift from or to a neighbor or friend. I especially love cookies, but sometimes when …