Three Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Open floor plan interior design ideasAre you building a new home and looking for cool ideas you can use in your design? Maybe you’ve already purchased a home or are looking to buy a “fixer-upper” and are feeling inspired to renovate? Well, let me give you a few ideas that might find a place in your future masterpiece.

Three Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

1. Go Big on Interior Doors

In the first home we built, we purchased nice, but average interior doors. They were the standard “expected” width and height. 28″, 32″ and one 36″ door for our master bedroom, all at the standard height of 6’8″. Don’t get me wrong, they worked, but the first time someone accidentally fell into one, ran the corner of a hard object into one or hung on one, because they were standard doors, we received the standard result. ¬†They broke! And we always struggled moving furniture in and out of the smaller ones and always wished we would have planned for 36″ doors throughout the entire house.

The next house, we upgraded considerably. We picked out 8 foot knotty Alder doors, all at a width of at least 36″. No more struggle. No more broken doors and the look of knotty Alder was amazing. We used a darker stain and thought those doors looked sick! (Which means awesome!) If you’d like to see an example, visit ETO doors and look at their knotty Alder, two panel, v-groove arch top interior doors. The pro interior design services can help provide the best designs and cut costs as well.

2. Open Floor Plans are the Only Way to Go!

One of the funnest things to do in a home to create a significant change is to open things up. More space is always better. So if there’s a wall in between the kitchen and a dining room, or the kitchen and the living room, open it up. You’ll love it, and your guests will follow in suit.

3. Flooring and Hardware

It drives me crazy to walk into a home to see mismatched doorknobs, sink fixtures, fans and lighting fixtures. Choose a single finish and stick with it through the entire home. Don’t use brass on the doors, brushed nickel for the faucets and bronze for the light fixtures. It makes your home look like it was just thrown together without much thought with whatever you could find.

Also, flooring can make or break the feel of a home. Stainless steel appliances look amazing, but not on a cheap and outdated linoleum floor. If cost is an issue for you, there are some really nice laminate flooring options that show like real wood, and at a lower cost.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for Townhouse Interior Design Services or some ideas for your new project, leave a comment or visit our contact page and tell Amy what you have. She’s got a great mind for interior design and would be able to help you, should you need it.

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