3 Creative Additions for Your Child’s Bedroom

When I was a kid, my bedroom was the only place I could escape to for some peace and quite. Along with the basketball court, for a brief moment it was an escape from the world. Recently, my eight year old daughter asked if I could build her a secret door underneath her bed for her to go into and use as her secret hiding place……yeah…I’ll be right on that!

With that said, there are more than a few things you can do, or add to a child’s room to enhance it, or make it a little more exciting.

Creative Additions for Your Child’s Room

Design an Awesome Bed

Kids have such amazing imaginations, ask them what they would like their bed to be like. It may be a little tough to sketch their vision on paper, but at least you can get a general idea of what they might like.

I don’t care who the kid is, every kid loves a fort. Think it’s difficult to get your child to go to bed? I bet all that goes away with a custom designed fort/bed. Make it exciting, multi-tiered and a little adventurous. Design it so that your child has to enter a secret doorway, just his or her size, climb a ramp or rope. Heck, if you’re ambitious, add a small slide to it.

After all, they’re only kids once!

Here are a few cool designs I’ve seen around the web to get your wheels turning.

Pod SwingAdd a Pod Swing or Big Bean Bags

So, instead of the secret doorway underneath my daughters bed, I decided to try to appease her desires with something else. I saw an opportunity to review a pod swing on for a seller on Amazon have since installed that in my daughters room.

She instantly loved it and has since decided to make that her own space. She actually went as far as telling her sisters that they weren’t allowed in the swing at all.

Something like the pod swing is an easy install. This pod swing is very sturdy, has comfortable material and feels like you’re hiding from the world when you’re inside it.

Bluetooth the Heck Out of It

I’m slowly catching up to the technology world when it comes to bluetooth capable devices, and you control almost anything with your cell phones these days. If your child has a TV in their room, and they have a cell phone with an IR beam, have them download the quick remote app. Remote controls get lost all the time.

Marsee Bluetooth SpeakerIf they’re big on music, I don’t know any kid that isn’t, you can find some pretty cool bluetooth speakers to add to their room. I’ve also had the opportunity to review one of the nicest, smaller bluetooth speakers I’ve ever used…It’s a Marsee s7730. It’s a bluetooth, water resistant, portable speaker and power bank in one well packaged shell.

It’s wrapped in a cool looking rubber belting design that makes it durable and visually attractive….and of course it sounds amazing too.

P.S. No, I’m not their salesman…I just think it’s a nice speaker.

I’ve even found a bluetooth speaker that doubles as a multi-colored light bulb. It screws into your light socket and can connect to your phone via bluetooth. You can turn the lights off and on as well as control the music in the room from the touch of your phone.

In closing, I could go on and on with more ideas, but I’d like to hear some from you. What have you done with your child’s room to make it more exciting and fun?

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