Your Business Office is Boring! 3 Ways to Make It More Appealing

I’m no genius when it comes to interior design, I’ll be the first to admit that. I leave that sort of thing up to my wife. She’s pretty much amazing at anything decorating. But even though I claim to be incapable of the creative aspect of interior design, when a space needs help in that arena, it’s pretty dang obvious.

For example, we frequent a little snow cone shop here called The Water Depot. Their snow cones are the best in Graham County as well as their Mountain Dew, however, the interior decorating of that place couldn’t be more boring. If they would put a little more effort into making it more appealing and using the space they have to offer more product, they could bring in more customers and ultimately generate more revenue.

3 Ways to Make Your Business Space More Appealing

Use Greenery to Make Things More Inviting

My wife recently decorating a reception for a young couple this past weekend. It was amazing, as usual. She used a rustic style feel, bringing in antique doors, old wooden fences, a pergola and used old tin trimmed with rustic style wood for one of the backdrops. Even though all of that looked amazing, without some kind of greenery, it looked bare. So we pulled in some planters, placing them next to these main decorations and it made the world of difference.

using planters and greenery

Empty Space Can Be a Good Thing, Sometimes

We have an awesome little main street in our town that runs along side the main highway coming through town. It’s a work in progress as far as the businesses go, but it features restaurants, salons, a thrift store, a bar and other. However, there’s this one salon that, as soon as you walk in on the floor in front of the counter, has random items placed at the foot of a shrine.

I’m fine with living your religion, even in the workplace, in fact I encourage it, however, a clustered entrance in to a place of business is unappealing. A successful business, in my opinion, has to have a good flow, free from too many obstacles. Feeling like you have to tip-toe around things that are not pertaining to the purpose of that specific business isn’t going to help your conversion rate.

Restaurants need a larger open space while waiting to be seated. Retail stores should have open space next to their registers. Open space makes sense, and helps those of us who are just a bit claustrophobic. Lastly, you need to light up the space. A big, dark open space is also not inviting. Choose your commercial lighting carefully with the help of a professional commercial lighting contractor, so you can balance the space and make it more welcoming to your clients.

Get Rid of Non-Essential Items

Getting rid of junk that isn’t being used is a good rule of thumb for any place, not just places of business. If I haven’t used it in the past few years, changes are I never will. Instead of hoarding it, sell it, give it away to someone who would use it or throw it away.

An empty counter being used for nothing could be removed or turned into something that produces an income. Back to The Water Depot as an example, the entire left side of their business features some empty shelving and a counter with nothing on it. Get rid of those awkward looking shelves and place a display full of candy there or a rack of t-shirts and place the candy on or in front of the counter.

Anything would be better than unused space that clearly should be used for something.

In closing, use greenery, open spaces are sometimes necessary and get rid of or utilize that junk/empty space. That’s the end of my rant.

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