What to Do with Your Best Photos

best photos arrangementIt’s said people take more photos every two minutes than we did during the entire 19th century. The overwhelming majority are relatively basic and straightforward: pictures of friends, food, and during seemingly special moments. It’s mostly for sharing and posterity, we want others to know about an event and/or we want a record for a later date. Yet every once in a while, we all wind up taking a particularly pretty photograph. The framing, lighting, and subject matter line up just right, whether we’re able to perceive those elements or not, we just know it’s a great picture. The question becomes, what should we do with these special images?

Instead of simply uploading them to social media and/or burying them in a desktop folder, how about something a little grander and outgoing? Good photographs are always worth showing off and integrate nicely into graphic design, interior design, and fashion. Here are a few ideas on what to do with your best photos.

What to do with your best photos

Frame them and hang them

The classic move for showing off good photos is to put them in frames and hang them on the walls throughout the house. Switching it up a bit can do wonders to give these images a most artistic appeal. For instance, the canvas print technique works well for the walls along a staircase or living room. Optimize lighting for a gallery atmosphere.

Make them wall coverings

Take the concept of putting great photos on the wall one step further by turning them into wall coverings. This is made possible by uv flatbed printers. Companies specializing in custom wall murals make the process of uploading and ordering worthy images simple and reasonably priced. For exceptionally large walls, it’s recommended that digital images surpass a particularly large file size, as anything less will often appear blocky and unclear.

Sell them

Great photos can be sold to a variety of potential customers. These range from news organizations to advertising agencies to individuals. In the digital age, the buying of photos is, in fact, the buying of the rights to photos and/or to use them, rather than the ownership of prints and negatives. For first-time photo sellers, look to this blog post listing the top ten sites to sell your photographs.

Put them on clothing (the right way)

We’ve all seen them before – plain white tees with a square photo thickly printed over the front or back. This is the most common form of putting a photo on clothing, but it’s far from ideal. Silk screen printing is the preferred way to get good images onto shirts, but why stop there? Color coordinate the fabric with the palette of the image. Manipulate the edges to either blend into or creatively confront the bordering plain fabric. The result will be a designer quality shirt made from scratch.

Most people have more photos than they know what to do with – usually in the form of gigabytes upon gigabytes of file storage. On occasion – more often for talented photographers – a particular picture rises above the rest in terms of eye-catching appeal. What to do with it ranges from saving and forgetting, to incorporating it into home design, to selling it to outside groups and even utilizing it for fashion. It’s simply a matter of what the photo taker has in mind.

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