Interior Design – Ideas to Make Empty Wall Space, Amazing Wall Space

An average home has somewhere between two to three times the home’s square footage in empty wall space. So in a 2000 sq ft home, that’s somewhere in the vicinity of 4000 square feet of wall space. Some of that wall space is filled in with doors, windows, vents and other standard items, but most of it is just waiting for the interior designer within you to come out and play.

That interior designer is harder to find in some people….and that’s why you have people like me…..ha. Just kidding. That’s why you have people like my wife Amy! She has a very good designer sense and can put together a wall in no time at all. Before designing your walls, you can add some Wall Concrete Polishing on it for a perfect result.

If you’re undecided on what to do, you can contact this Newton Interior Designer to do the job for you. Designing can take time to figure out exactly what you like and want.

So, to get you started, here are five wall decor ideas for your home that can hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

Framed Pictures

Everybody and anybody has framed pictures of their family members, perhaps an LDS temple or religious building, or maybe a nice scenic picture of something in nature. For the longest time, aligning your pictures symmetrically seemed to be the most popular, but lately it’s been more of a collage type of an arrangement. There’s still some symmetry, but not in straight lines and sharp corners.

Canvas Prints

canvas printsInstead of the traditional framed pictures, try putting a few canvas prints in strategic areas of your home. You can print nearly anything you want on canvas which can be split into one or more parts to make things a bit more interesting. The sky is the limit with these.

Windows and Doors! But Not in the Way You Think.

Usually, when you find a door on a wall, you should be able to open and close it, walk through it and even lock it. However, I’d like to see you hang an old door on your wall sideways and tell me that you don’t love it. The only way it wouldn’t look amazing is if you painted it some weird color or hung it crooked.

We currently have two hanging in our home. One has ten window panes in it, with photos in them, and the other only has wood panels in it, but both look equally amazing in their own way.

Words! Words! Words!

home sweet home cutout freckle barnNow that you have framed pictures, canvas prints and doors hanging on your walls, all you need now is to bring them all together with some words. If you aren’t following Freckle Barn already on Facebook and Instagram, do it. You’ll find yourself some amazing ideas in regards to wording, cut out of raw material, to place on your walls in the perfect spots. Some popular phrases you’ll see out there are “hello, home sweet home, family, together,” or just get your last name printed out. It makes all the difference in your home.

In the end, I think that should get you started on your interior decorating.  Arranging the furniture is only the beginning of having an amazing looking interior, the rest is up to you and the walls you design!

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