Year-Round Yards for the Family

Lawns and backyard areas are sometimes mowed and otherwise mostly ignored. When summer rolls around, we might do some things in the yard but we don’t make it inviting all year long. Rather than wait for the summer, let’s dive in and make a yard that is perfect for each season.

Winter Fun

Firstly, you need a grass that can withstand the cold while also being impervious to other weather conditions. For instance, regional Buffalograss seed is a perfect grass option to have in any lawn and yard. It can handle cold temperatures, hot summers, and droughts. This is also a great time to transform your lawn area to reflect any number of winter holidays you and your family celebrate. While we don’t see much vegetation in the wintertime, there are a few plants you can add to the lawn to give it some color:

  • Shrubby Dogwood – ranging from reds to yellows
  • Creeping Juniper – yellow or blue
  • Holly – ranging from reds to blues
  • Berry bushes – winterberry, firethorn, and beautyberry

Spring Has Sprung

Springtime is every lawn and gardens dream come true! This is when people take the time to spruce it up after winter and enjoy some sunshine and warmer weather. Add some vibrant flowers to your walkway, line the porch with herbs that can supplement your needs in the kitchen. Begin the butterfly garden you have talked about. And don’t forget to add some hummingbird feeders so that you can all enjoy their presence! Building a gazebo or lengthening a porch is excellent to provide shade from the hot sun and have a lovely place to sit outdoors.

Summer Dreaming

Making the most of your lawn this summer can be as easy as 1-2-3. This is the time when kids are out for summer and being outside is everyone’s favorite place to be. While your gardens will be doing well by now, you can add to your lawn furniture to make it a fun and inviting spot. Lawn games are also a popular adventure that any family can enjoy. Create your own lawn twister board with food coloring on the grass, build a tire or wood board swing on that giant tree, play horseshoes or croquet, or create a giant version of Jenga out of scrap wood to play on those cool summer evenings.

Fall Bliss

Fall is a fun and chilly season that can still keep us outside to enjoy our lawns. It’s a great time to buy, or build, that fire pit that you can enjoy on cool/cold and clear nights. Stargazing by a fire is one of the most peaceful things you can incorporate into your home life that keeps stress at bay. It’s also a perfect time to update the garden area with hearty vegetables for winter cultivation:

  • Onions and shallots
  • Carrots
  • Chard
  • Asparagus
  • Peas
  • Garlic
  • Broad beans
  • Spinach
  • Pak choi
  • Mustard greens

There are so many ways to have a beautiful lawn that you can also get function out of. It is helpful to create a list of what you want to get out of your lawn and gardens area. Do you want food to eat all year long? Do you want a place where the kids and family pets can play safely? Do you want a lush garden that showcases your own personal sense of style and enjoyment of color? Whatever the reasons, you will be able to incorporate them into the care of your lawn and have a perfect space to enjoy.

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